Reply to this topic We go out do things together and have even spoken about marriage. It's kalyug, everything has changed. The thing is I've never meet none of his friend nor family member. I don't think its golden, I'm hearing of more interfaith marriages now than before. Leon SPNer. The reason for that is twofold: 1 From what I've observed, Sikh girls today in England, Canada and America, are far more clued up about Sikhi than previous generations.


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Sikh philosophy empowered people which led many to convert to Sikhi when it was illegal to become a Sikh and could get you killed and this empowerment let to the first time in over a thousand years for Punjab to be ruled people of the punjab.

I know Sikh girls who grew up in families that are not religious at all and some that are religious and have an extremely strong bond with their parents and have fathers that empower them.

I know Sikh girls who grew up in families that are not religious at all and some that are super religious and grow up with low self esteem, they love their parents but aren't empowered by datkng parents an parents don't gidl a good job building their confidence.

The fathers fail to build a strong bond with the girls and fail to build their daughters self esteem. When I took sociology we learned the huge role a father plays in a bpack life a father plays the largest role in a girl developing confidence self esteem and morals.

Their are some girls who are very close with their fathers but the father fails to teach them to be confident datig build that confidence or about proper good morals. Father figures or a strong male figure with a close bond with the daughter or the girl dictates what type of confidence that girl will grow up with as well as morals.

Sikh girls with strong male figures like fathers ghy to have great morals and tend to be extremely confident. Sikh girls with weak male figures like fathers who favors the boy over the girl tend to have weak morals hence why they end sikh girl dating black guy having relationships and pre marital sex and dating outside the community and also have low confidence which leads to mental weakness which opens the door for a Muslim to come and groom the girl or a male from the Sikh community or another community to use the girl for sex and then dump her.

Never really thought about any reasons The reason for that is twofold:. Have far more genuine morals than the older generation Our women is what is holding our glack morals together. So, the way I see it, Sikhi in the west, thanks to our mothers, sisters and daughters, is stronger than it has ever been before datiing we do seem to have a real problem with some of our men behaving badly.

Out of every Punjabis born in Engalnd you will meet, I guarantee less than 10 will like cricket. On the other hand, I guarantee that football is an integral part sikh girl dating black guy the life of 99 of those Football is our national game my friend Cricket is very much a minority sport.

And when I say minority I don't mean ethnic minority. I mean minority in the sense of English private school boys and minority pakistanis and Bombay walleh hindustanis.

Look guys it's simple we don't follow Guru ji advice we mistreat our womenfolk pressurise them from day one, while pampering and gil our new generation of menfolk. A woman is your partner, your fellow khalsa hopefullyyour sangat, why would you browbeat her for daaj, for kids of the male persuasionfor hand-foot service she is your equal not your dassi you are not Ddating parmeshwar so stop the Punjabi Blcak BS.

Guru ji Tells us not to speak harshly to our partners or children, not to curse them out, not to beat them. How many of us actually follow our Guru ji???? The girls will love their Gursikh partners wholeheartedly if they could see their Guru ji working through them i.

As a couple you bound to the Sewa of bringing up your kids as Gursikhs and show them the world gyu the context of Gurbani, to bring them to Guru's charan. My question are you a reasoning datting or just the same as a stray animal? I thought Guru ji sikh girl dating black guy you in his image. Is anyone familiar with the book the skih piper who made all datinh rats follow him when he vuy playing his tune on his pipe. The answer is none ghy this.

These girls are falling in love with black, white, Muslim. The answer is simple do not go near the pied piper and listen wikh his music sikh girl dating black guy you to will follow him.

Today's Sikh girls are far more glued up about Sikhi? I disagree. Just because they show this web page to gurdwara or bring up Sikhi on twitter or social media doesn't make them good future Sikhs. Sikhs in the west aren't strong yet.

We are unorganized still. Now that might be the case in U. A lot of progress needs to be made. The previous generation may have given the impression of being better Sikh women because they wore their hair long, wore salwar kameez and didn't answer back. But thats all it was It was datting illusion of being a good Sikh. Away from the Gurdwara the reality was often a filthy mouth, Hindu practices, no datihg for sarbat da bhalla and all of god's creations etc.

What you have today is a gilr of genuine Sikh women. Far more following true Sikhi sikh girl dating black guy than the cultural practices of before.

Far more with the honesty to not pretend to be something they are not. I don't know about the situation in cali but in Gurdwaras in England the blwck are packed with young Sikh girls learning and mastering Girp, Gatka etc.

The future is extraordinarily bright datihg far as Sikhi is concerned. Our girls are at the forefront of this revival and we sikh girl dating black guy be praising their contribution rather than constantly seeing the glass as half empty and blacm criticising them.

It is clear that any problem we Sikhs face is coming from our old and middle aged men. It is them, with their immorality, corruption and deceit, that is destroying us. Our girls are saving us, not destroying aikh. Again, I don't know about the situation where you are but today in England, there are proportionately more Sikh children with patkas and dastars than there have ever been before.

For that, we should be thanking their mothers Whether it be datiing crime, music, tv or religion, it is human nature for people to always think things were 'so much better in the old days' and that visit web page it is so much worse. Vating reality though, that is hardly ever the case.

I think it's because who and what fuy they spend their time with that influences their decision. Whatever they are goin to feel comfortable with, without pressure they will go for that. It's not like th old days where we there was fear of doing wat parents said. Nowadays there is so much freedom, and some kids think if their parents had a hard relationship then they get put off and look elsewhere. Does not matter if one is educated or uneducated as now kids have that choice of making up their own minds.

I know kids share dating sites harrogate think are highly educated and they seem to be th ones that are marrying out of religion. There partners are very nice people, but I see it's the environment they been living in that has them get together.

I don't think its golden, I'm hearing of more interfaith marriages now than before. It's kalyug, everything has changed. Yes kids have more awareness of Sikhi than before but it doesn't mean there are less interfaith marriages. Maybe it's about th same or more.

Also there were no classes for kids before, and as our parents came to this country they were always busy in work. I'm sure if th gurdwaras had classes and taught about Sikhi rather than have committee arguments then aikh would have attended the classes too.

Yes kids have that chance now but it all depends on how many want to go. I think link both same, there is more kids into Sikhi now due to the awareness but also u got the other side too that have diverted from ghy also due to more freedom. So I feel it's black age with golden splashes. They should be referred to as Punjabi vating some other name. But not Sikh!! Because that is a disrespect to all the good Sikh boys and girls out there that do sikh girl dating black guy date anyone and everyone.

Anyone that says Sikh girls this or Sikh boys that really sikb to stop doing that as its getting embarrasing seeing all these threads with sikh girls this sikh girls that. Have some respect for the name Sikh. The men went to the pub to eat and play darts, the women went to friends to watch Zee TV and Bollywood films. The children grew up, and by that time they were already developed and set in their ways.

The parents now sit in Gurdwaras moaning and groaning about the issues, but when they had a chance to parent, they did what I've mentioned above. Karam, Aphe beej, apeh kah. I still disagree bro with the Sikh girls holding huy our future generations. Yes majority old Sikh men who are holding onto the gurdwaras for their own benefits and not doing what needs to be done are the problem.

In the future there will be a shift to sihk Sikh Panthic leaders who hopefully will start glack things going. As of the girls I can tell you again read more and I am saying majority are not interested in Sikhi. They are probably daughters of mona Sikhs or so or have a Keshdhari Dad but doesn't teach her anything hence she will not care in the future.

This is happening to many many Sikh girls in Punjab How do I know this? Its not hard to see yourself to be honest it is quite clear what is happening. There are more people starting to leave Sikhi or even not interested in Sikhi then those coming back into Sikhi. We see some Sikh girl dating black guy girls transforming into Singhnis gir think of the mass amount of other Sikh girls leaving Sikhi behind when they go to college for an instance.

This is a long topic and can be discussed forever as there's already a similar thread like this. Also if we Sikhs want to fix anything in this Panth we have to go to the root of the problem. There's broken branches issues learn more here India regarding Sikhs but simh need to understand the Akal Takht is the root of many of our problems instead of helping out parchar for girls and even boys in Punjab villages you have the jathedar telling Sikh couples to start having four kids?

What's wrong with having 4 kids? The Akal Takht Jathadar gave this good suggestion because Sikhs have become corrupted by western mindset and thought where eating now see kids as a burden. Following sinful western secular practices of abortion murder of their own children. For any community to grow naturally you need minimum of 3 kids per family, anything less will not grow the community. Sadly now our people only have 1 or 2 kids. Even during the militancy years of the 80s, the Kharku Singhs encouraged Sikhs to have more kids.