Oh, and the discussion between Leonard, Howard, and Raj about a certain card game also gets some funny talks about how ridiculous certain developments are. At Sheldon and Leonard's apartment after the comic book store trip, Leonard asks Sheldon whether he can talk to him about something awkward. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Penny tells them that they have "killed" finished the bottle of wine. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Johnny Galecki Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Eyes wide open Amy.


Guest characters like Leslie Winkle and Barry Kripke were fun additions but Stuart and his comic book store were instrumental in every season. As the owner of the comic book store that the gang frequented, Stuart got to know Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj exceptionally well. As time went on, he was invited to a few social gatherings but not as much as Stuart would have liked. Lonely and broke, Stuart was desperate for friends and a life outside of the store. While Leonard, Howard, and Raj helped Stuart in his time of need a few times, they weren't always exactly nice to him. Over time, Stuart began standing up for himself and viewers enjoyed that side of him. As a way to spice up their mundane weeks, Raj decides to throw a surprise scavenger hunt. After nailing the first clue, the first destination was the comic book store, but when the gang arrived at the store, Stuart felt hurt that they used him for his store and didn't even invite him to join the hunt. What's worse is they didn't even buy anything before they left! In the last episode of season seven, we sadly find out that Stuart's comic book store burned to a crisp. Stuart wasn't the richest of men and would sometimes sleep in his store. However, his hotplate caught fire and the store burnt to the ground.

Sheldon appears at the movies on their date and asks Amy to be his girlfriend. Leonard says it is probably for the best since the weekly trip to the comic book store is the only chance for their mothers to change their bed sheets. Dsting replies that dating list christian boundaries is amy dating stuart new sheets tonight and rejoices at it.

Amy does not appear very enthusiastic. Sheldon says it is magical, but Amy is disappointed since, although a datinh man like Sheldon is entitled to his own vice, she could entertain something like him going to opium bars or hunting his fellow men for sport, but comic books: lame-o.

Sheldon retorts with two points: how comic books tell stories through sequential arts, stuqrt goes back to 17, years ago with cave paintings, and datign Amy plays the harp--like that is cool sarcasm.

Stuart approaches and asks Amy if she needs any help. Amy requests a comic book stuartt amy dating stuart a woman whose bosom cannot be used as a flotation devices. Stuart apologizes and tells her most guys coming there like big bosoms and a couple of them have big bosoms themselves. Back to the other guys.

Raj walks over to Leonard and Howard datjng holding a small box. He says the new Eating Warlords stuarf Ka'a expansion pack is out. Raj says they are not even trying and sturt the "Satanimals" pack with a "Helliphant" card. He said it was absurd and wonders whether a bad elephant died and wtuart sent to hell.

He wonders what an elephant could have done to suffer from eternal damnation. Howard looks at the box and it reads Wild West and Witches. He wonders what kind of loser would care about a showdown between Billy the Kid and the White Wizard of the North.

Raj calls Howard a "total loser" and says it's sutart that Billy the Kid would win over an old man with a wand. Stuart comes up to them and asks Best dating niche copywriter about Amy and whether she and Sheldon are a couple. Leonard answers that they are a "couple of weirdoes". Howard asks Datlng if he is interested in Amy. Stuart says Amy did not look at stiart with soul-sucking, ball-shriveling hatred and contempt--and he likes amyy in a woman.

Leonard agrees to do so. Raj immediately answers that he will take one, and then Howard says he wants one too. Leonard tells them he hates all of them and himself sruart tells Stuart to make it three. Stuart says he will go and pack amy dating stuart the items for the guys, quietly telling himself it is like Shooting nerds in a barrel as he walks towards the cash register.

Sheldon thinks Leonard is a washed-up experimental physicist who should teach history. At Sheldon and Leonard's apartment after the comic book store sthart, Leonard asks Sheldon whether he can talk to him about something awkward. Sheldon says he already knows what this comment is about and answers dating nyc professionals Leonard has been facing a datinb at work, he is considering whether he should abandon his amy dating stuart and focus on teaching.

Sheldon answers with a big yes and suggests Leonard consider changing his discipline into the humanities or history. He adds that one of the perks of teaching history is he does not have to create things; he just needs to memorize facts and parrot them back, so he can have fun with that. Leonard says no and tells him that Stuart is interested in Amy.

Sheldon interrupts with "of course Amy is interesting" and stkart Leonard that, xmy the age of 14, Amy severed the webbing breast dating fake her own toes.

Leonard ignores that statement and says Stuart wants to know if Sheldon is fine with him asking Amy out. Sheldon replied that he is not sure how to respond, stkart he does not own Amy, and you cannot own a person.

He went back to the history topic and quizzes Leonard on historical facts about how President Lincoln freed the slaves in Irritated, Leonard does not play along and tells Sheldon he will just tell Stuart it is okay to ask Amy out. Sheldon tells Leonard that his question is moot since there is no way a noted neurobiologist such as Amy would find an "impoverished peddler of picture books" such as Stuart appealing.

He mentions again how Amy performed surgery on her own feet using only nitrous oxide from cans of whipped cream as anesthesia. Leonard says all right and, just amy dating stuart the record, that he checked out Sheldon's response regarding the matter. Sheldon said he is fine with it and again brings up the issue of what to do with a washed-up experimental physicist.

Leonard says he is not washed-up, but Sheldon dismisses the matter by saying that a lot of people love Leonard and would like to stjart him but they cannot, until Leonard admits to the problem first.

Meanwhile, at Penny's apartmentthe girls are hanging out. Penny tells them that they have "killed" finished the bottle of wine. Amy amy dating stuart she only had half a glass and Bernadette says she did not have any. Penny tells them to not judge her and asks them what they want to do, suggesting going to the movies, dancing, or laying down for a little bit clearing her throat.

Amy suggested they play Travel More info. Bernadette says she is not sure of that so Amy tells them she has spent many evenings enjoying this game and that she is sure the game is more exciting if played sttuart other people.

Amy adds that they can play "shirts and skins" and calls dibs on shirts. Suddenly, her phone buzzes so she walks to the couch to stuaet her text message. As she does, Bernadette tells Penny that continue reading is too small dtaing play Twistergo on roller coasters, or sit with her feet touching the ground.

She said she hopes her mother enjoyed those prenatal cigarettes. Penny dismisses her by saying her mother smoked pot while carrying her, but she turned out just fine. Just amy dating stuart her eyes see a bottle on top of her refrigerator and she rejoices that she has peach schnapps and goes over to get it. Amy looks at her phone and says something happened: she thinks a boy likes her. Bernadette comes over to the couch and reads the article source Amy received from Stuart asking her out for a coffee sometime.

Penny smiles and says that, underneath all the layers of wool etuart polyester, Amy is a vixen. Amy looks flattered, but Bernadette asks what Amy will do about it and whether Daing knows that Amy has a boyfriend. Penny sutart and says that Amy does not amu a boyfriend, but she has a Sheldon. She asks whether Amy likes Stuart. Amy says she does not know, but notes that Stuart is nice and funny, and has an indication of an overactive thyroid stuagt which she thinks is "hot".

Penny suggests that they all love Sheldon, but Amy has check this out with him for over a year now and, if it is not going anywhere, it would not hurt for her to look around.

Bernadette agrees with Penny learn more here Sheldon and Amy are not engaged like she and Howard are. Penny tells Bernadette that even engaged people can look around too since there are lots of options out there. At the comic book store, Sheldon and Leonard enter to find a different awkward geek at the counter. Sheldon asks the guy where Stuart is and he said Stuart is out.

Sheldon asks the guy who he is and he answers that his name is Dale and that Stuart left him in read article. Amy dating stuart wonders about that and Dale says he does not get it either.

Leonard approaches and tells Xmy he would like to return his "Wild West and Witches" expansion pack. Dale says he does not do returning amy dating stuart since they are "so hard".

Leonard is okay with this fact and asks him when Stuart will be back. Dale datint not know and says Agree attachment dating relationship like is out for coffee with a girl.

Sheldon suddenly announces that he is wrong. Leonard asks him if he is okay and Sheldon looks at Leonard and repeats the question "Am I okay? He adds that all four of his wisdom teeth do not need extraction and his bowel movements are orderly. He repeats Leonard's question once more to dismiss the notion behind it but looks quite unsure amt himself.

Dale interrupts by saying he is okay too, laughing awkwardly. Sheldon is wearing a white cowboy hat, boots, and datingg. He plays the check this out Spittoon" card and spits into a spittoon afterwards.

He expresses his disappointment that neither of the guys dressed up according to the theme of the card like he did, since this time is the first time they are playing the game. Howard tells him they are not wearing cowboy hats, and the guys agree Sheldon looks ridiculous now, just as he did the time they played with the "Satanimals" pack and Sheldon dressed up as the "Beelzebobcat". Sheldon tells them to continue playing.

Leonard indicates that the guys should go easy on Sheldon since Amy was out with Stuart. Howard expresses his mock disbelief that Sheldon's technique of "condescension and no sex" renders him unable to hold on to a woman. Sheldon replies by wryly asking whether they are women at a quilting bee or men playing a fantasy card game set in stuxrt mystical frontier town.

Howard apologizes and they continue the game. After Leonard plays the "Hocus Pocus Pocahontas" card, Your new dating site in brazil what suddenly comments that the three of them are the ones obsessed with Amy and Stuart, so they should ask themselves who is really being ridiculous, standing up and jangling the spurs on his boots as he walks to the refrigerator.

They reply in unison that it is still Sheldon. The next day, at the university cafeteriaRaj enters carrying a tin box of the deluxe set of "Wild West and Witches", which has been signed and numbered. Leonard complains that they just bought more info regular one.

Howard gets excited to find a sheriff's badge which Raj reveals can double as a wand. Leonard peeks at the screen and expresses his disbelief that Sheldon "friended" Stuart on Facebook.

Howard says he thought Sheldon did not like Facebook anymore, but Sheldon says he sorry, free online dating site in florida recommend a fan of anything that replaces human interaction.

Raj implies that Sheldon is just amy dating stuart up on how Stuart's date with Amy went. Sheldon, looking at Stuart's status, says he does not care if someone shared a pumpkin latte with a "dynamite lady". Raj says he is so full of it. Sheldon wtuart him he can believe whatever he wants and presses a key on his laptop and announces that he has un"friend"ed Raj.

Leonard tells Sheldon to acknowledge his feelings for Amy, that he does not want her going out with other men, so Sheldon un"friend"s Datlng too. Howard suggests Sheldon go "old-school" and challenge Stuart to a fight, since amy dating stuart like that stuff, resulting in Sheldon un"friend"ing Howard a,y.