You might also consider taking him for a birthday dessert and coffee at a cafe. Bon Appetit. Even if you're not exclusive, you probably don't want them to get hurt in a bike crash, right? A pair of soft pants to make your one-on-one lounging time cozier. Wannikki Taylor is a professional writer with a Bachelors of Arts in journalism from Temple University. Here you are, with a new relationship and just as you're getting to know the person, their birthday rolls up out of nowhere and leaves you wondering about the gift. If you're looking for a way to spring clean and reduce waste in your home then this cleaner kit, complete with zero-plastic refills, is the one for you. Grammar Girl. More From Hello Giggles.


Depending on just how new the relationship is, this can be a real nail-biter of a decision. Practically speaking, there are a number of considerations when going over what to get this new love of yours. The first is budget. How much is appropriate to spend on his or her present? That, of course, hinges entirely on how far along or invested you are in the relationship and where you stand financially. And, maybe try to match that? And, not what would make anyone happy. Because yes, while most everyone loves Starbucks, a gift card to the most frequented coffee shop in America unless he or she is actually obsessed may not be the most thoughtful or creative choice. If your guy tends to lose his wallet, this stylish option has a Bluetooth tracker inside. How smart is that? Now, your cups are coordinated.

Just started talking? Getting a gift for the guy or click here you just started click can be tricky and awkward. And, just so you know, HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Relationships. All rights reserved. Entertain each other with a game you can play together.

Share some laughs together or with startex with this meme-based game. For the aspiring foodie, a cookbook you can both use. What better way to remind them of birfhday shared interests than with a This 5-star rated recipe book is perfect if you're constantly tagging each other in cooking videos.

Step up datinh sound system with a new speaker. This gift says you plan on spending more time with them, so you might as well have a better way to listen to music together.

This portable Bluetooth speaker has almost 30, reviews. Keep them cozy with a scarf. This plaid scarf is the perfect holiday gift, and something they'll use all winter.

A winter hat for those late night dates. This winter beanie will keep them warm, especially on those date nights. Some tasty treats, for those with a sweet tooth. Champagne gummy bears are an affordable, but low key fancy gift for your person. Matching undies, to make a move. What says "I really like you" better than matching underwear? A monogrammed mug. You click here go wrong with a subtly personal touch.

These initial mugs have more than reviews and are a customer favorite. Id what up is hook favorite artist on vinyl.

By now you probably know their favorite artist or a least a song fr really like. This is read more good gift if you're looking to win some points with the person because it shows you listen. This cute and classic crossbody she can use anywhere. This functional crossbody bag has room for credit cards, a phone, and even lipstick.

TBH it's so practical it might even last longer than your relationship. A new wallet, for your next date night. Upgrade their worn, bulky billfold with something sleek and simple like this leather trifold wallet. A reusable tumbler they'll use again and again. If birthdau want to keep things really casual, this fun water tumbler is the way to go. A convenient but cute charger. This adorable keychain charger is a super practical gift that anyone more info appreciate.

A pair of slippers to enjoy on those nights in together. Who wouldn't love sliding into these fuzzy slippers at birthday present for a guy you just started dating end of ptesent long day? Tech stwrted, so you can keep texting presennt on the coldest of days. These tech gloves guh pretty Suggest a correction.

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