Follow Thought Catalog. Well I'm mixed with black and mexican I'm not into white guys and white guys date your own race black girls the only reson why some of you havint date anyone it because you need to start dressing nice don't put your self down you my think you ugly but some guy is going to love you just start dressing like your pertty. Girls Look For a decent personality in a boy. There is no way around it. They have the look that I go for, their sex appeal is insane, tend to be more affectionate than other men, and they know how to take care of and treat their women like queens. In this article: interracial dating. Didn't find the answer you were looking for?


A kind, smart man who moves me, might be able to rock with me, regardless of race or ethnicity. The vast majority of my Black girlfriends exclusively and purposely date Black men, so I get a lot of questions about my UN-friendly dating roster and most of those questions are about the white dudes. Seeing specific movies is not a dating requirement for me. You better know and love Stevie Wonder, though. Then there are two troubling statements that I often hear. I find this to be problematic because everything about it is wrong. You should never date someone of a certain race because you feel exhausted by the antics of men of another race. There are plenty of good Black men out there. For real. Men in my family, my circle of friends and past loves attest to that. If there is one thing I know about heterosexual men, it is that regardless of their physical preferences, at the end of the day they just like women.

I was wondering cuz I like black girls but its not common for a black girl to be with a mexican check this out. I'm a black girl and I personally find Mexican guys to be sexy.

Mexican guys are pretty popular in the black girl dating mexican boy dating circle for black women. Hence a lot of mixed kids with names like 'Hernandez' and 'Lopez'. But everyone's different and some black girls may not really like Mexican guys. Yes, my friend's boyfriend and the father of her child is Mexican. There are black girls who like Mexican guys and vice versa.

Yea man. Most probably think that you only like Mexicans because thats most common most Hispanic Guys like Hispanic Girls. Some do, some don't. If one doesn't like you, move on. But I do know one thing though, if you never approach any black girls, then you will never get any black girls, you will be rejected sometimes, just like with any girl.

Yes there is one couple at my school I think they are cute and it isn't common they're usually with white girls or Spanish girls so I just figured maybe no one likes us I find the very attractive…. Trending News. Williams faced 'invisible monster' in last months. Mayfly residue is delaying model shipments. Amazon's massive Labor Day sale launched early. Mahomes gets engaged after receiving Super Bowl ring. How Wis. What did Robert Kraft text to Brady upon his departure?

Intense debate over future of 'Black Panther'. Fed: We got it wrong on post-crisis rate hikes. When is the best time to get a flu shot? Answer Save. Favorite Answer. This Site Might Help You. RE: Do black girls like mexican guys?

Kiyanni More info Lv 7. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. I don't personally know any who hate you 2. Most people date within their group. Blacks are no exception.

There are cases of dating out hence the number of mixed children. Source s : Ask her out. She probably won't ask you. It's kinda your job, ain't it? Yes some do some don't. As for me, I'm very attracted to hispanic guys.

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