I will also need an advise if i can use any 4-ga wiring kit to a 5 channel amplifier. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Connect ID. Each wire manufacturer rates their wire's current capacity differently, but as a general rule, for a typical to foot run, you'll be safe using a:. Miscellaneous Vehicles. Is that possible to run each amp off one subwoofer jack by using the y splitter? I have a ford focus ses woth the factory subwoofer. You know it is very complex to install an amplifier in your car and when there are not even RCA jacks available, it becomes a little more complex. Hi, I am looking for info and advice how to wire a lazar opti optidrive w 2 channel amp to two dvc sundown 4 ohm subs what best way to wire as far as ohms for best sound without messing anything up?


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This is called the ground wire. Just be sure not to put the turntable too close to your speakers! More on that below, too. It requires additional amplification and some EQ to bring it up to a proper signal. This additional amplification is called a phono preamp. Phono preamps are built-in to older receivers and amps see above. To use a vintage turntable with these newer units or to play through a computer, powered speakers or headphones, the turntable signal must pass through an external phono preamp.

These are inexpensive and very common, typically used for connecting iPods or smartphones to stereos with two RCA plug left and right inputs. Which external phono fan should I buy? The units below are listed roughly in order of increasing quality:.

Not connecting the ground wire will result in an unpleasant buzzing. Older stereos have a marked connection interracial dating match for this wire.

Some external phono preamps have one too. This is the best place to connect the ground wire, especially if using with a computer sound input. Why is my stereo marking a horrible noise ul I play the turntable a,p a certain level?

It can ruin your records, your needle, yku even your speakers read more it gets out of control. Another handy hint — the more stable the surface, the better your turntable will sound. Okay, how do I set it up to play properly? What is anti-skate and how do I set it? There are no easy, cut-and-dried answers to these questions. While many turntables have fairly simple and standard adjustments, there are endless variations and some have no adjustments at all.

Your best bet is to go to canles Library at Vinyl Engine you will need to create an account and ca the users manual for your turntable model. Most cartridges have an entry in the Cartridge Database at Vinyl Engine. From an external preamp: hook the preamp outputs to a computer input. Use audio editing software Audacity is an example, and is freeware to can you hook up an amp without rca cables.

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