Toward the end of the series, the Delhi-based entrepreneur decided to focus on herself and her growing denim empire. And while the series mostly opts to steer clear of those conversations, our concern for the mostly likable, relatable cast on their search for love runs deep. More From Relationships. Although the show features his pre-engagement ceremony, he told the L. I absolutely love Foxnuts and my door knob is just a creative photo frame reminding me of two life-death experiences. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Aparna on one of her many dates.


Essentially, she practices the age-old art of encouraging these crazy kids to just get together, already. By the show's finale, has Taparia lived up to the title of matchmaker extraordinaire? Are any of the burgeoning couples on Indian Matchmaking still together? Indian Matchmaking gives no answers about the couples' futures. The show's finale is open-ended—purposefully so. She's going to continue doing this work, on camera and off. The story continues," creator Smriti Mundhra tells OprahMag. The story continues, but apparently not for these couples. Spoiler: According to interviews conducted with the L. Times and OprahMag. In fact, all of the cast-members are still looking for love —except for Rupam, a divorced single mom who met her partner via dating apps. Given the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, the cast members' dating lives will certainly be different, moving forward. Houston-based lawyer Aparna Shewakramani tells OprahMag. I think I will open myself up to meeting people through a screen," Aparna says. Here's what we know about where the cast of Indian Matchmaking is today—and whether their love lives flourished as a result of the show.

Despite couples match making of its shortcomings colorism, caste-ism, anti-feminism, among othersIndian Matchmaking is still one of the most riveting dating shows maatch Netflix to drop this year.

But one major disappointment about the series besides the more critical aforementioned issues is that it moves so quickly, following expert Sima Taparia from client to client, that we really get to catch up with the singles after their dates, or have the chance couples match making see the More info Matchmaking couples today.

Thankfully, we've done some digging to see if any of these couples are still together. Keep scrolling to find out where your favorite couples from the series are now, about a year after filming.

Guyanese-Indian wedding and event planner Nadia was initially connected with another client of Sima's with Guyanese origins, but the two didn't have much in common beyond their backgrounds.

Next, Nadia was stood up by Vinay, with whom dates seemed to be going swimmingly, though Vinay has couples match making his own statements on Instagram and Twitterdecrying the way he was portrayed as ghosting Nadia on cohples show.

Finally, the event planner hit it off with Chicago-based lawyer Shekar, and it seemed to audiences like wedding bells might be in their future. Alas, Nadia and Shekar don't talk anymore, and in an interview with the LA Times, she said that the couple's dynamic shifted off-camera, "and obviously, the change was not positive," from the pleasantries we see. Finally, he seemed to hit it off with model-actress and all-around beauty Rushali, but today, the two are no longer together. We dare you to talk to anyone who's finished binging Indian Matchmaking couples match making guarantee that the name Aparna will come up within couppes first couple of seconds of your chat.

Viewers were absolutely taken by her hilariously honest and judgmental demeanor, and no one can forget her and her mother's two Pomeranians.

Is Aparna still with Jay from Atlanta? There's still hope. There wasn't a clear reason why we stopped talking. It was more just that we lived in different cities. I'm not saying that this is going to happen — but from my perspective, it's not off the table. The adorable and lovable Vyasar is Twitter's collective boyfriend, the platform pretty much unanimously decided after watching the show. Sadly, things didn't work out with Rashi, despite the fact that the face reader kind of intimated they'd be together forever.

Both people I was matched with were truly wonderful, inspiring individuals who I'm proud to call friends.

Were we the only ones who truly felt for Akshay, the year-old whose mom especially is keen on seeing married, like, yesterday? Akshay was matched to Radhika from Udaipur, and we even got to see their pre-engagement ceremony, but "I called it off," Akshay told the LA Times. Citing "some things which we found out that did not go down well with us," Akshay alludes to the fact that his trust was broken. Delhi-based fashion designer and denim entrepreneur Ankita went through a series msking mishaps ma,ing her matches, and even consulted with a matchmaker who wasn't Sima!

It'll come as a surprise to no one that this driven designer is living her best life without a man. These days, Nadia is single. We'd love to hear how his couoles is doing, as well! Here's hoping she finds hers whenever she decides the time is read more. Indian Matchmaking is now streaming on Netflix.