So before you resort to family intervention or Old World matchmaking, give the following apps a try. It may have been designed almost identically to Tinder, but people come to this app specifically looking for commitment with someone who values the same things as them spiritually. These days there are many of options. Select currency. Email Facebook Twitter. Image by Bumble. Where would you start? On JSwipe, you list your religious affiliation, be it Orthodox, Reform, etc.


Have you ever tried to use a dating app before? And guess what?! So what are the 5 dating apps you should download in Israel today? Tinder is the first and most famous dating app out there. In its beginning, the app would just help you get a one night stand. It now seems that people are more inclined to find more serious relationships. The entire premise of the app is based on your geolocation and your photos. You can then speak via chat. Tinder and Bumble are very similar in their functionality, but a noticeable difference: Only the woman can initiate a conversation. Like Tinder, this app is free! JSwipe is the Kosher version of dating apps and this is specifically targeted for Jewish communities around the world.

This piece was contributed by Masa Israel Journey — for more information, click here. Finding aops or at least a date is no exception. With that many options, it seems silly not to take your chances. After all, what would be better than falling in love in the Holy Land? Of course not all dating applications are created equally and like with just about everything else, there are cultural differences. The pioneer of the swipe-to-like revolution, Tinder, like in most places, is probably the most well-known dating app on the market.

I suspect Israelis enjoy it for the isdael reason as everyone else—it is simple. You swipe right to like, left to dislike, and profiles contain only minimal information. Predominantly visual profiles leave less room for a language barrier initially, but be ready to practice your Hebrew skills as soon as the messaging starts. Daating at mehapeset? What are you looking for?

Although constantly debated, Tinder in Israel is not the most recommended place to find true love. Swipers here are most likely looking for something much more casual, so keep that in mind. We do! For those of you not so confident with your Hebrew skills, a high percentage of Jswipe users are either non-Israeli or speak English. Either way, Jswipe is Israeli tested and Jewish-mother approved. OkCupid is basically the yenta Jewish aapps of the Israeli dating app world.

The app matches couples using an algorithm and matches are determined by your answers to specially designed questions. Although the sating version includes a swiping lsrael, OkCupid is has a dating apps in israel for being the dating apps in israel app for finding a serious relationship. Profiles include a lot more personal details and space for just click for source information.

Luckily Israelis idrael to talk issrael themselves and tend to fill out a majority of the template to describe yourself on a dating site, giving you lots of information to consider before making contact.

The newest addition to the Israeli dating scene is Bumble, known for its feminist features. Like most of the other apps you swipe one way or another to like or dislike.

However on Bumble, females have to message first when set for heterosexual relationships. Additionally, males have 24 hours to respond to a message before the match expires. A bit new to Israel, it is mostly full of hulnikim non-Israelis. Yalla, ladies! If an Israeli were a dating app, they would be Jfixx.

If you isdael looking to immerse yourself into a truly Israeli dating app scene, this is it. Jfixx is filled with almost exclusively native Istael and only works in Israel.

Cons: the interface is completely in Hebrew and most of its users only speak only Hebrew. Think you have the chutzpah? We say go for it. Home About Scribe. Home Share Search. Email Facebook Twitter. Give Advertise Subscribe.

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