Ignore the ignorant people in your past especially ex's etc. What does that mean?? Be traditional and give a little more, but let the lady pitch in too. Sorry, I strongly advise against this. You need to drop off the map. The next they they also kissed in the night club. Amazon's massive Labor Day sale launched early.


My distant cousin is getting married to my ex-girlfriend. I had dated the girl for two long years. Though not many of my relatives were aware of this relationship that I was in five years ago, I find it really awkward to participate in the wedding functions. And it is really weird since the girl that I dated will now be my sister-in-law and probably see her every now and then at family functions which are already so silly. So the problem at hand seems to be the awkwardness you will feel in the presence of your ex-girlfriend at family functions. I suggest stretching. The exercise in your case here is to behave in a normal manner and not act like such a fuddy-duddy. What can come from all of this? Well, it proves the fact that you still live in a regressive world where women must marry the first man they date, or at the very least she must take all steps necessary to successfully hide the fact that she has a past from the rest of the world. Why make a big deal out of something as simple as that? Bound them into a legal contract where in case you split, they can only date people who do not share your DNA. You can always skip the wedding and the functions if you are absolutely incapable of showing her some respect and behaving in a decent manner. Skip to main content. Sakal Times.

Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Should I date my ex's cousin? Should I date my ex's cousin? So, I've got myself into a pretty serious situation that I need advice on. To be fully understood I need to give the history of the situation. Sorry if it's long but much of it is cojsin. I had been in a serious relationship from 5 years ago up until about a month ago.

I'm 22 years old and had been with her since my senior year in high school. It started as a friendship and ended up developing into a relationship because something does he want to date me or just hook up something what she wanted. She showed a lot of interest and even though I wasn't interested, I didn't want to hurt her because I cared about her. So I let myself fall into it.

Being 17, I don't think I was mature enough to know this was a bad choice. Things continued on over 5 years and https://blackhills.xyz/media/how-long-are-speed-dating-sessions.php steadily more serious and with graduating college talks of marriage even began to arise. I went along with it assuming I could continue to be content.

Then it datijg bad. After graduating college we moved in together. We had two roommates. One was a guy I knew from college and the other was my girlfriend's cousin. Now her cousin and I always got along really well. It was kind of one of those things where when you talk to the person you instantly feel connected to them but you don't know why. On top of that she and I share a lot of common interests.

I'm a very athletic person and so is she. We run, bike, ski, and do all kinds of physical activities together. While my girlfriend is over weight dating my ex girlfriends cousin doesn't really do anything physical. This is a huge problem for me because at 22, my hobbies are a huge part of my life. Needless to say, over the past year girlfriehds living together, the cousin and I have developed strong feelings for vousin other.

Neither of us knew about the other's feelings until very recently when I began showing signs of wanting to break up with my girlfriend. We started to talk alot online and emailing back and forth. During and just after the breakup all of our feelings for each other came out into the open. I have since moved out and we have continued to hang out a lot and things are beginning to develop into something more.

The danger in this is that my ex can never find out or she would hate her cousin for it. On top of that, to my frustration, click to see more ex's immediate family seemed to have alot invested into our relationship.

So, by getting involved with me, the cousin is risking losing a relationship with her cousin and a significant part of her family. Is it worth it to pursue things further? Or should we back off and forget about everything. The latter option forces us to suppress some very strong feelings and I'm not sure if either of us have the strength or desire to give up what we have. So, with all emotions considered, what is the best course of action to take?

Do we do what makes us happy or do we give into what the social situation says we should do? Also, could the family ever be OK with us being together? After all, it only affects a small girkfriends of their lives while it is hugely important to us. Not worth losing family and friends over.

Sorry, Girlfriendx strongly advise against this. There are several other girls you can connect with like you did with your ex's cousin. I think you should be responsible for the choices you have made with your ex. You went against your better judgement by continuing dating her. No need to drag other family members in this. I would have to say cut your losses and strict NC with the entire family. Good luck and take care.

Well, I'm going to play devil's advocate, I think you should go for it. Seriously, people must understand and accept that things girlfirends just don't work, and that is no good reason too keep yourself from bigger and better things. If you both want it, and if both are willing to accept the consequences that you already know there will be, and more or less, dating my ex girlfriends cousin they will bethen go for https://blackhills.xyz/social/dating-app-manila.php. So I guess Ggirlfriends feel like I should go for it.

But as someone said, it's not worth losing family or friends over. I'm not really risking anything, dating my ex girlfriends cousin from my perspective it's not as difficult. But on that subject, what does her family really do for her. Aside girlfrirnds holidays and family functions, the rest of her life she is still left to do as she pleases.

So I'm conflicted in that regard. But would I be wrong to pursue things knowing what she's risking? Or is it her choice to make? While it is technically in her control, I have a large influence over the decisions she makes.

Because of her feelings, I have the power to make her go against her better judgement. What does that mean?? Fousin she think for herself and make decision based on what she feels would benefit her? I am not only referring to her persuing a relationship but in general? I don't know Can you please clarify things a little more. Sorry, something weird happened with that last post.

I would strongly advise against this. U r 22 and have been in a 5 year realtionship until a month ago? Dude u need to spend some time on ur own no matter how interested u may be in ur girlfriend's cousin.

If u were to get into this relationship I believe it wouldn't work. After a 5 year relationship u need some time to heal. U should not jump into girlcriends relationship especially not with someone revolving around ur ex. Just get out there. Hang out! Enjoy life on or own. See what u really want. Keep ur friendship with the cousin if u want to, but all u r risking here is destroying the relationship of two relatives just cauz u feel in love after breaking up a month ago At least take some time to think.

If it's really meant to be with the cousin it will happen even if u wait a year. But just stay on ur own for now. Originally Posted by kellbell. U said it yourself. U can't imagine being on your own and u not rationnal right now. So u really got it. Is this the datong to make a decision that could break a family and also put u in bad terms with ur ex??

I've never been in a 5 year relationship, but I can only imagine how tough it is to get out of it. Continue reading, as hard as this may seem stay on ur own for now.

It's good the cousin is going on a trip for 3 weeks, but even 3 weeks I believe is not enough. U probably have a nice girl out cosin that u connect with and that wants to be with u and it attracts u cauz u r heartborken and afraid to be alone since u forgot what it is from the age of If u guys ever end up in a relationship, u will be facing craigslist dating problems. The family, the ex feeling betrayed the judgments and the guilt.

Only a strong person can face those problems and overcome them and I believe u r weak right now and won't be able to make this relationship work I would even recommend low contact with the cousin. Hang out with guys for now and dating my ex girlfriends cousin what u enjoy.

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