It also assumes that the book of Acts was written by an actual traveling companion of Paul's. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But with the Pauline corpus as small as it is — tiny by comparison, say, with the surviving works of Plato or Philo — it is very difficult to be sure that we can set up appropriate stylistic criteria to judge authenticity. Its similar doctrinal content to Romans invites some to couple it with Romans written from Corinth in Acts , but there is no further evidence for this. Anyway, to my mind the more important thing is being able to locate so many epistles uncontroversially within Acts. Other Beliefs? In this he was preceded by several scholars who rejected Pauline authorship. I Corinthians II Corinthians.


Dating the Pauline Epistles. Before leaving 1 Thessalonians, I want to deal briefly with the question of how scholars date the Pauline epistles. This letter is considered the earliest Pauline epistle we possess, and in fact the earliest piece of Christian literature that has survived. You need to be at least somewhat aware of how that conclusion is reached. How does one go about dating this letter and all the Pauline letters? That is, determining the order in which Paul penned his letters, based on the development of Paul's thinking evidenced in the topics he addresses. The second step is an absolute dating. That is, among the many events in Paul's life, which can be aligned with events in the broader stream of Roman history to which we can attribute specific dates? For today, we'll deal with the issue of absolute dating. And this is the starting point for any absolute chronology of Paul's life and work, because we have evidence that helps us pinpoint the era of Gallio's rule. Archaeologists have discovered, in the ancient Greek city of Delphi, a letter by Emperor Claudius that refers to his friend and proconsul Gallio. Claudius dates the letter to the 26th year he was "acclaimed emperor," a stock phrase referring to a PR event that celebrated an Emperor's success in battle or some other accomplishment. Unfortunately, we don't know when Claudius was acclaimed for the 26th time.

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