Dont get the wrong idea. If you have questions or just want to meet and chat with others, join us and enjoy our great community. So while My bowls blocked on three separate occasions causing me to spend more time in the hospital. It seems like there is a connection between the surgery and the problem. I hate my life to bad I can't change things. In my head, I think that calling it that meant I could talk about it and nobody would know what I was talking about. The surgery went way bad and I spent 3 months in the hospital.


Because of this I was housebound long before lockdown. I am finding that people are always trying to encourage positivity and not really allowing room for when someone just wants to say I hate my stoma and what it has done to my life. This morning I received a sign I'm suppose to motivate people to live and thats what I'm going to do Hey OstoDaters! We have yet another new feature for you. We ova new members who have not yet become VIP members. Guest what OstoDaters? OK, stupid question, you can see it straight in front of you. OstoDate has a brand spanking new look with easy to read and user friendly interface making life simpler for our lovely members. Hi Boys and Girls. Ostodate now has new features and one of them is the greatest. You can create your own groups and people can join and hold discussions too. Create one now and invite other OstoDaters to join. Joining OstoDate could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Forgot username or password? Contact Us. Gets in the way! Hi, First post on here so, please be gentle. I was wondering has anyone found a way of keeping that darn bag out of the way when they are having on of thier most intimate moments? I've used techniques such as holding it under a t-shirt ect What do you do? It just plain dating absolutely free get in the way sometimes Dating dating someone with colostomy bag by pammer.

Just wanted to ask people is it really possible to date when you have a bag? From things I have read on this site the answer is no. People say its either to hard to tell people about the bag or they run for the hills once they find out. Dont get the wrong idea. I myself cannot think of dating again. I am having a hard time dealing with my own bag. But I wonder what other people think.

Intimacy with Ileostomy posted by vicbear I would like to share tips, secrets, anything that helps intimacy be more alluring to others. Dont be shy, I need answers.

How do please click for source tell someone your dating that you have an ostomy? I am a 37 dating someone with colostomy bag old, single mom of 3 and I am a colorectal cancer survivor going on 3 years now.

I am dating and find it very difficult and stressful to try to tell someone I want colosto,y be intimate with, that I have an ostomy. How do you tell someone? I am so worried that I will never find someone who will accept the fact that I have an ostomy.

I feel so embarrassed asking these questions, but I don't know who else to ask. Am I doomed from having a partner? I've already come to the conclusion that the only possibly of becoming intimate with a lady is to make sure she has some sort of an ostomy herself. That's fine and understandable though I wish the door wasn't halfway closed knowing I will never be accepted by someone without one.

Yea I know, there are alot of wonderful, sweet women out there who will understand. If you believe that you've watched and read too many love stories. However, my problem is with me. How can you have sex with the fating there could be the slightest chance of an a Dumped because of ostomy posted by Brown eyed girl. It has been a LONG time since I was last involved in the dating scene as my marriage of twenty years just imploded. I dating someone with colostomy bag began talking to a young man online who asked for my phone number.

I thought that this was probably the right time to reveal the truth about my cancer and ileostomy. He dropped me like a hot potato. Not a word. No phone call, no email, nothing. Even though it is the reaction I expected, it most exclusive matchmaking service stung a bit, you know? My husband was wonderful about this web page ostomy.

Didn't bother him in the least. BUT he was also ho Gay Men that are Ostomates posted by AAirman. I find I'm even more of a sub unit as the others on this site. Are there any other gay men on here who would like to talk? I have so many questions and just don't know how to progress.

Romeo seeks his Juliette--The 1st dating add on this site posted by Tall geoff. Theres not been any dating adds so i though id be brave and be the 1st to put one on. Well hello i was wondering what to write as a punchline 1st so it was either romeo seeks his Juliette or prince charming seeks his princess they both sound like me so any way lol. The use of the word "bag" to describe an ostomy pouch.

No wonder people have such misinfomed and disrespectful datkng towards people with ostomies, and worsened by ostomates who use the term, as well. I find the use of the word "bag" to describe an ostomy wtih, demeaning and disrespectful.

Ok, let me get this straight Yo Gang! Ok, I've had enough. Since joining this site this past summer or maybe it was the springI've read with my own two eyes at least 3 or 4 ostomates claim they've had INTIMATE sexual relations with a fellow human being and their partner was totally unaware of their ostomy.

So I need to know what the hell you're talking about. Unless you're talking about a hummer in the car in a bar parking lot on a Friday night Dating someone with colostomy bag have no idea how you g Discontinued sex life posted by catttters. Hello, Im a new illiostomy patient. Im a bit frustrated about someine death of my sex life.

Since my opperation i have been told in very clear terms that there is going to be no sex for the duration of my bag. Colosfomy its only 6 months until i have my reversal but when u add the 2 months coolstomy it seems like a life sentance.

I understand her feelings but im just a bit disappointed and sexually frustrated. I love my wife more than anything and i would never cheat under any circumstance. Erectile Dysfunction posted by Winston. Goodbye sex, it was nice knowing you. Let's start by saying that I don't have, bah had, and never will have a body part that is worth my life. Given cokostomy choice of "We remove this or you die of cancer" that's not even the beginning of a question for me or for my husband.

That said Not to put too fine Ranting posted by. I haven't dated since my surgery a year and a half ago. I just can't imagine any woman would or could be interested in me now. I'll just have to accept being alone for the rest of my life. It will be very lonely, but at least no one will worry about me when I fly into a fit of rage about my predicament, which happens alot now.

I don't want any sympathy. I don't need anybody's inspiring words. I'm posting this to rant and keep click to see more breaking things or hurting myself for at least while I'm typing. I hate my life to bad I can't change things.

Is it just me? Okay, I'm going to put myself out there with this one. I really miss sex. I know I'm married, but sex with my wife and I has gone the folostomy of the dinosaur. It very rarely happens, I mean I can count on one hand how many times in a year I can't help but think it is the ostomy. Every time I try to talk about it, I get the "nothing's wrong" answer, yet nothing changes.

I admit that we never had a wild sex life, but sincenot sith much. I even work out on a regular basis to try to give her something to look at besides my osto Question for women only posted by DH. Hi, this question daging kind of personal and embarrising. But I am going to throw it out there anyway. Back in june I had to have an abdominal perineal resection which is removal of rectum and anus along with a permanent colostomy.

The problem is that ever since the surgery I have experienced painful intercourse to the point that I dread it. I have tried lubes but it doesn't work. Online tips for introverts seems like there is a connection between the surgery and coloshomy problem. It feels like that when they sewed up my back end during surgery half my other opening got sewn