Being laid off or fired happens all the time to people of all walks of life. I made enough that it is no big deal, and he is pretty reliable so I trusted him to get a job quickly. Have you spoken to him about it? Create an account. I would keep dating someone who became unemployed while we were together. Trending Topics. Use the search tool and FAQ before you post.


You know what I am talking about. And read my 21 pieces of unsolicited advice for you, the brokenhearted. In our teens, being in the band made a man sexy. I went and confirmed it with an expert. It also highlights his self-esteem. Give him a reasonable time frame and pay attention to his dedication and energy level. It may be time to give him the pink slip. These skills are not only about self-sufficiency and a dislike of smells and critters , but show that one is interested in enjoying life and not too lazy to go beyond the basics. I chalk these things up to being the side effects of a full life. A man who knows how to take care of himself—and cares enough to make the effort to do so — will be far more inclined to step-up and take care of you than someone who just expects you to live according to his low standards or act as a full time maid-service. No one should be doing all of the work, you have to have a happy medium.

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Relationships Community. Dating someone without a job or career? I have posted here before but I am still dealing with this issue: I moved down to Florida from NJ for grad datng to get my masters in occupational therapy, 6 months later I met my current boyfriend who I have been with 1 year and a half. When I first started dating him I knew he went to college but did not finish, which I was hesitant to at first but he had a good job as a general manager at a store making decent money. He dating someone without a job that job emily and toby dating in real life 5 months then they someoen him go the end of March because they could not afford to pay him anymore.

Since then he has not had a job, he says hes looking but hes picky because he wants a job that is in his preferred salary range. I think he is currently collecting unemployment, I say I think because when I ask him he does not like to talk about it because hes embarrassed.

He does side work once in a while for a friend for his company and said they are looking to hire so he sent them his resume but he keeps saying that since April. I just graduated this weekend and have 3 months of fieldwork left. I go to fieldwork everyday and hes at home watching tv or on some days he will grill and drink with the guys. We dont go on withoyt dates because I cant afford to pay for him.

Even though I dont have alot of money I will get him little surprises here and there. He will cook dinner for datinh do laundry but I do that too. For my birthday he got me very nice gifts and put alot of thought but didnt get me anything datingg my graduation im not sure if Apologise, dating sites vergeleken point should of expected anything?

I love him and his family but he is not financially responsible. At the end of November I have to decide to stay in this relationship or not. I want to move closer to NJ where my family is also. I just dont know if I am over thinking this situation? What do you think? Answer Question. Read 8 Responses. Follow - 1. Well, my advice is the exact same as last time. I'm about finding someone I am compatible with and to me that means more than having a good time together.

I found it important to find a partner that was ambitious and had a strong work ethic. It was important to me and I wouldn't have settled for less. Yes, it is a bad economy and many are out of work but I don't think that is the case with your boyfriend.

He is content based on this post and past posts about the subject. Your gut is telling you something but you are afraid to listen to it. I'm just afraid that if you don't, you will regret it down the road. That is a disaster in the making. It is YOUR job to create the kind of life you want. This includes making the hard decisions about boyfriends. Please hold out until you find a better match for yourself. If you were satisfied with the way he is, you would not second guess your relationship so intensely.

I wish you all vating best. I feel a bit of a familiarity when dating someone without a job post because I've been there. I'm in my 40's now and do not witjout letting the fun but not responsible ones go. I have a fun and financially secure man who works hard for his family as my mate. Don't settle. If you want children, you want a hard-working partner who is a man and responsible for the things a man is responsible for, who takes pride in accomplishing big goals.

You don't want to have a baby with an overgrown teenager that you also have to take care of. It will make you twice as mad when you come home from work and have to someons things that fill in where he didn't bother.

Your life wuthout going to be great, and you will have other choices. Pick a person who takes the responsibility to be an adult seriously.

You'll save yourself a boatload of heartache. Thanks for the advice, it helps me understand the things ive been thinking are okay. Its just hard to date someone for a spmeone and fall in love then realize these things. If he has no ambition in life Here in my house I work. Dh looked and couldn't find anything so I looked and found sommeone job. He does take care of the kids, cooks, cleans and always makes sure that I get up and to work on time. He is in college though. He graduates in Datint.

I tried college twice and never finished either time. I do plan jbo going back But someond love each other and accept each other for our faults.

I honestly don't think an education is what makes wthout person. If the s can't grow up and just wants to sit on his duff all day I'd say no. If he has ambition, wants click to see more do something and is actively trying When I first met my husband he was living in his parents' basement and had just started a retail job.

He wifhout his job to go to school very shortly after that. I had been going to school far away, so I moved back home and went to a different school. We have moved yet again and he has a job and I don't. It's not that I don't want one it's that we live in a small town where the job market is dsting. My husband is also trying to make it as a musician. We barely make it each month, but I love someoen more than money and I know that if we can get through this rough patch we can make it through anything.

In regards to what you said. Maybe there is a good reason why your boyfriend doesn't have a job. Offer to help him find a job. He gets mad when I ask him questions regarding work. I have told him about different job openings and job fairs fating he doesnt respond back about them. Withou a tough situation. All he seems intrested in is sitting on the couch, watching football, bbqing and drinking with his friends. We work well living together but rarely go on dates.

Hypnoash you sound like a smart girl and I really think you are selling yourself short. You can have what you want in a man. You really can. Sometimes check this out have to walk go here from someone we have dating someone without a job for to get what we want in life.

What is in the top one or two reasons a couple divorces??? Financial issues. And a couple that is never on the same page regarding that from the very begining has not much of a chance of surviving together for the long haul. Hob has a different attitude about financial responsibility than you.

You'll be in conflict over this for the duration of your hob. I wish you luck. Most popular dating sites in italy think you soneone have what you want in life but are currently 'stuck'. And at this stage in the game of dating. I've been married agree, dating someone with attention deficit disorder have years with 2 kids and we still go on dates.

A relationship needs that to stay alive over time. That connection of appreciating one another soneone giving our time just to that. Go z what you want in life and don't settle! Notify me of new activity on this question. Join dating someone without a job community.