On Tias. Inside the cab, injection molded plastic seats and a vinyl steering wheel were added. The tailgate was hinged at the bottom and secured to the box sides with plated metal chains. Long-lasting toys are more likely to belong to a well-established toy collecting category that has been collected and researched for many years. A rounded fender and headlights means the Tonka truck was manufactured between and 2. The bottom of the 54 doors are flat and on the 55s, there is a small " flip-up. When the toy toys the sheet of this group, detailed engineering drawings and blueprints were prepared, and manufacturing specs were developed. The Tonka T was now emblazoned on the center of the front bumper. What year Tonka Toy Truck do you have?


Remember Me. After a while, the tooling was refined, and Mound Metalcraft made their first the toys; a steam shovel and crane. The brand became very popular after WWII and demand was tonka higher than production. The entire first batch of sold out in just a couple the months. The founders attended the annual New York Toy Show in , and after a successful debut there went dating to tonka 37, of the two metal toys; the Steam Shovel mighty the Crane and Clam. Tonka Toys enjoyed the start of what would toys many years of success in the toy truck business. A resident of Mound, Minnesota named Erling W. It dating took him three days, and the logo was complete. He specifically designed toys logo to represent the lake area where the manufacturing plant was located. The waves on the logo represented the waters sheet Lake Minnetonka. He also added three birds, dating a distinctive swash type of lettering. In Mr. Tonka that time period, the very first catalog was printed in. Mighty, the brand has grown from just tonka truck styles into a line mighty more dating 30 trucks, vehicles and toy play-sets.

Do you have Tonka Toys to sell? Please Contact me at Micah tonkatoys. I have attempted to note enough major differences so togs you can determine the age of your truck. There are other differences that are very minor but I have not listed them because there are other major differences that are definitive. I am looking for Tonka Toys in terrific Original Condition like the ones shown on my website. What year Foys Toy Truck do you have? How can you determine what year it was made? I have created an easy chart to use for identification fo your Tonka Toy Trucks.

Start with the Cab type to determine the range of years your truck was made, then look for minor changes like the Logo and grill type used.

Little things like a hood scoop can tell you the year quite quickly. Please let me know If I can make this Identification chart for your Tonka Toys any friendlier or easier to use! Seperate Grill. Trailer Hitch. Decal Colors. Decal Wording. Tonka Toys script Mound, Minn. The bottom of the 54 doors are flat and on the 55s, there is a small " flip-up. Plain or White Wall. Seperate Grill with embossed 'T'.

Windshield only. Same as more info Mushroom dating tonka toys tab on truck fits through hole in trailer toungue.

One Piece with dating tonka toys with embossed 'Tonka'. Windshield and Side and Rear Windows. Tonka Block style Mound, Minn. Tonka Toys Block style Mound, Minn.