Tell us in the comments. Back Store. As you get closer… There are all these weird stories about people checking credit scores or something before they go on a date. Kids may not be coming for years, but when they do, you need to know where your spouse stands and be in agreement early. Neither person should get too specific with their numbers until they are comfortable doing so. A lot of counselors that do pre-marriage counseling will have a couple do a pretend budget. Before we got engaged, I was offered my first teaching job.


Preorder our new book and get free coaching! And I get it. This is the best way to sort through the biggest things you need to discuss before marriage. This needs to be one of the first questions you ask before you get married, because arguing about money is one of the biggest causes of divorce. Put all of the cards faceup on the table. No secrets. My 5-minute money quiz is a great place for both of you to start! Those are the details you need. Each home is unique, and every parent is different. For some, money is stressful and secretive. How you grew up and the environment you were raised in shaped your money mindset and your habits with money in very specific ways. Growing up, more is caught than taught, and you absorbed a lot about money without even realizing it. Nothing will bring you and your significant other together like the power of dreaming. Dreams are the antidote to an unfocused life.

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