April 8, at pm Report I think this is a very difficult situation. But always in the back of our minds we were always wondering, is it really ok? Hi ladies!! Be kind to yourself at all times. This is was told to me at my last visit to my new Cardioligist. And I was suprised when I had a relationship last year despite telling all. Doctors never picked up it was cardiac until acute MI. Very suprised.


Visit our Chat Room where you may participate in discussions with patients who have heart failure and are sharing their experiences. Click here to go to the Chat Room! Questions to ask your Doctor. Knowing what to ask you doctor might save your life. The Heart Failure Center stresses the importance of a proper diagnosis as early as possible when dealing with Heart Failure. Heart Failure Center experts have provided a list of questions that you may print out and take with you to your doctor which will help in getting a proper diagnosis. Broccoli, Blueberries, Green Tea. What do these three foods have in common? Very simply, your cells are exposed to free radicals on a daily basis. Free radicals come in many forms from different substances such as air pollution and smoke to foods high in fat. When defining Heart Failure one must consider Blood Pressure. Blood Pressure has two gages-the systolic the top number on the reading which is the usual rhythmic contraction, following each dilation diastole during which the blood is driven onward from the chambers of the heart to the body and the diastolic the bottom number on the reading which is the usual rhythmic dilation, following each contraction systole , during which the heart muscle relaxes and the chambers of the heart fill with blood. Heart failure is categorized by which side of the heart that is affected the right or left.

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