So either go back to your folder screen in the background, and find and open your src folder and drag the Vrui DavidI Question 1 year ago on Introduction. First, you can type "cd" with nothing else, and it will take you back to your home directory. Reply 8 years ago on Step 9. Hi, I've been working through this tutorial, and it is very helpful and easy to use. See all reviews from the United States. When I start Kinect Studio v 1. Our technicians use the latest authorized manufacturer tools to help you troubleshoot issues. I have the same problem.


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I've been watching the Kinect hacks online for the past several months and really enjoyed them. I started thinking recently that I would kind of like to work with it myself, see what kinds of things I might be able to make and do, and decided to get a Kinect to play with.

The first thing I found was that there are a lot of different development platforms that all connect the Kinect to the computer in different ways. I also found out that all of these platforms were in different stages of development, and I don't think any of them are finished.

In the end, I found a lot of information about Kinect 1. Trying to install, I found source the instructions that are given on the webpage which are incredibly difficult to findaren't really helpful in installing them on a computer, so after spending two weeks with google and three computers, I finally feel I've figured out the best way to install the working application.

This instructable will be my attempt to convey that information I learned to you! For the purpose of this instructable, I installed all of my applications on hook up kinect to pc current version of the Ubuntu Operating system. So If you head over to ubuntu. Once Ubuntu is installed on your computer, you're ready to move on to step two! Now that Ubuntu is installed on the system, let's update it.

It's no good trying to install thing while there's things being installed in the background. If the option doesn't come up automatically, go to the "System" drop down menu at the top of the screen, scroll your mouse over "Administration", and click on "Update Manager" After all the updates have been installed, make sure you have whatever graphics driver is required for your graphics card.

If you don't have the specific driver for the card, the default recommended by Ubuntu should be fine. A menu should automatically pop up in the upper right hand corner of the screen letting you know there's drivers to install. If that doesn't come up, click the "System" drop down again, "Administration", and then click on "Additional Drivers". Now that all of the system basics are installed and updated, let's get to the good stuff, Terminal!

This screen is where we're going to install all of our stuff. To install things in Ubuntu, you need to have administrative rights, this allows us to have that. Type, or copy and paste any commands I have in this instructable into Terminal, and hit enter after each one.

Don't copy anything that has [ ] around it, these are notes to let you know what the code is doing. I don't dublin singles speed dating you need to update your apt-get unless you add repositories which I'm not going to cover herebut on my first run of a system, I like to run it for just in case purposes. Now that all the prerequisites to building programs are on your computer, we can work on installing all the specific things that are required by the Kinect and Vrui Programs.

Before I give you the commands, I want to let you know what each library is that you're installing. The lib prefix on each of group dating games items your installing indicate a library. You're installing the libraries associated with specific file formats so that you can use them on your computer.

The -dev at the end of each library let's you know you're installing the development library, each of these speed dating tuscaloosa a version without the -dev, but for our purposes, we need to have development access.

Imaging: png12 jpeg62 tiff4 theora Audio: asound2 speex ogg openal General Data: dc bluetooth I don't think it matters in what order or how many of these you install, but to play it safe, I kept with the original directions. To build programs yourself in a Linux environment, you need to resolve dependancies first.

The dependancies are those libraries and packages that the program you're installing depends on to be there. Everything we've done up to this point was to resolve all of those dependency issues so that we can do a nice clean install without running into any problems.

Now that everything that will need to be resolved is, let's download the programs we're going to use. Download Vrui If you click on the Places drop down at the top of the screen, you'll see a link to Home Folder. Create a new folder titled: src [that's src in all lowercase] [right click - and click "Create Folder" to make a new folder] Double click the downloaded Vrui So either go hook up kinect to pc to your folder screen in the background, and find and open your src folder and drag the Vrui Or, click extract, when the dialog comes up asking were to extract to, locate your home folder should be your log in nameand once there, double click on src.

When Archive Manager has the src folder open, click extract. When it's done, quit. From here on out, Terminal will need to be in different directories to do different things.

To navigate in Terminal, you use cd which stands for change directory. You can also use ls list to see what's in the folder you're currently at. When you open terminal, it will default you to your home directory. Type in "ls" and you'll see a list of folders and documents that are in your home directory.

Since we want to be in the src directory type "cd src" and your directory will change. If we type "ls" again, we'll see that there's only one folder here, let's open it, "cd Vrui Finally, lets type ls again and see what we have. This read me hook up kinect to pc goes into some of the instructions I have given you here, and tells you how to do some other things you might be interested in Like linking multiple Kinect's together.

From Terminal, if you ever need to go back to directories you were at, there's two methods. First, you can type "cd" with nothing else, and it will take you back to your home directory. The other method is to type "cd. So, Now that we have the first program unpacked and in the correct folder, and we know our way around Terminal a little bit, it's time to build the application and install it. Before we can start though, there's one last library to install. If we don't install libglu-dev we'll get a fatal error when we try to make.

That's it! Vrui is installed! Now let's check it out and make sure it works. Now that they are talking, you just need to calibrate things. There's an excellent video created by the author of this software, detailing exactly how to do that, following this link. Now everything is installed, and should all be working.

You're Kinect and computer should be talking and you should be able to see what your Kinect sees on your monitors display. Now you know how to install one type of Kinect Software, but there's a whole hook up kinect to pc of other ones on the market. If you managed it through this, and understood why you were doing things, you should have no trouble with any of the other packages if you want to try them out.

With all of this completed, and talking back and forth, now you just have to figure out what you want it to do! And for that, I leave it up to you. Best of dating palma Since figuring out how to do this, I've installed several different versions of Kinect software on different computers.

OpenKinect I made another instruction talking about this and a Processing extension have both been incredibly helpful to me. Both have excellent installation instructions and detailed information on what you can do once installed. I learned a lot about the functionality and what I could really do with the Kinect through the Processing extension. When I originally started working on this project, I wanted to use multiple Kinects to create 3D rendered models.

I choose this application because the author had already used it for such a purpose and provided instructions on how to hook multiple Kinect streams together. I've since found a fantastic demonstration of someone streaming kinect data in real time to Blender. OpenNI and OpenCV both came highly recommended by friends, though i never got around to using either of them. If you have any additional suggestions on software or resources, please leave a hook up kinect to pc.

I'll do my best to add them to this step so people stumbling upon this in the future have some useful information. Hi, I've been working through this tutorial, and it is very helpful and easy to use. However, when I got to step 9, I tried to run the sudo. I can't use 1. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks for the help and the great tutorial, I had all kinds of trouble before I found it. Iam stuck up with the same problem t said :"error while loading shared libraries: libKinect.

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. One more instruction is missing here. From the kinect folder, after executing make, do execute : make install. After this, you won't get the libKinect hook up kinect to pc.

Hi, I installed the new version one like the Kinect 2. Do I have to install another library? If yes, how? Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. I stumbled upon this tutorial, and this was the one helped me make a Kinect for Windows work, so I really appreciate your work here.

I did article source on Lubuntu Also, I have a Kinect for Windows, which is not supperted by Kinect only in the 2. Thanks again! Hey man, great guide, but I am a little stuck. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction.

I would strongly recommend against these instructions at this point actually. I did this when there really wasn't that much information on the subject. Check the last step