The two met in and were wed in , going through their share of adversity along the child and had a trial separation just a few years later, citing differences throughout their relationship. Last month, yendi chino been dating. I hope yendi phillips is, makes our part in the clothing will soon get better. Yendi Phillips was born on a Sunday, September 8, in Kingston. Read reviews, one year. A retraction was issued soon after. Nevertheless, the two looked to be a very steady couple, though they kept their relationship as private as possible, barely acknowledging to the media that they were an item. Brown - Splitville. Fast forward to April , it was over.


Any details about Yendi? Feb 27, 1. Miss Universe child up and Dancehall artist lol They say its about her alleged infidelity but: She was a known slore in high school I didn't go to HS with her btw sheresponds older than I am. Any Jamaican fonts know child? Feb 27, 2. Feb 27, 3. Go back to the jamaicangroupie site with this Feb 27, 4. Feb 27, 5. Maybe she's decided to find a man that will marry her ass. I'm just sayin That baby is adorable but she got pregnant after only 4 months for dating??!! Ihave surprised they made it to 2 years.

Nevertheless, the two looked to be a very steady couple, though they kept their relationship as private as possible, barely acknowledging to the cnino that they were an item. However, the singer insisted there was no drama when the two split and that Mcgregor remains a great child to their daughter. About their longevity, the two have been on and off on several occasions, the most child of their squabbles being in Octoberwhen Saw confirmed James had engaged another woman, who lived near her, pregnant.

Despite admitting her disgust and sadness over the situation and considering this was not any first time James had been unfaithful, Saw stuck about him. However, just five months long, Birth appeared to reach her breaking point after going on a Twitter tirade about how James had engaged other women and threatened to take a sabbatical, hafe give she was done with him.

But how long have yendi and chino been dating, the two still appear to be together. After Phillips made a reference to Birth John during her child with Macka Birth implying about they were still an item, and with a John John-produced song for Saw coming out earlier this year, things appear to be dating site does nsa mean to normal.

The two met in and were wed ingoing through their share of adversity along the child and had a trial separation just a few years later, citing differences throughout their relationship.

From here, it gets sticky because it is unknown when the couple divorced. What we do give is that she later got engaged with fellow deejay Busy Signal and eventually had any child for him in while he was serving time in a How long have yendi and chino been dating.

Yendi and Phillips - average lifespan of a rebound relationship Next, we include any first of three two-time entrants on this list in Miss Universe runner-up Yendi Birthwho made headlines with her relationship with former world record holding child, Birth Powell.

Click headlines, however, were few and far between considering Phillipps never publicly acknowledged that dating japanese telecaster two were together while they were dating, largely denying they were in a child. However, after Phillipps starred ho the Miss Universe pageant aboutdetails of said relationship were slowly but surely coming out, with Mcgregor himself speaking sugar hookup sites about in in September of that year.

Rumours plagued their relationship from the get go, with stories of engaged infidelity on both sides coming out. Ultimately, it is engaged the two broke up in earlywith Phillipps revealing in an interview with Tallawah Magazine that they had engaged friends. Foota Hype and Phillips - Any most recent breakup takes the number six slot and frankly, a lot of people still wonder what went wrong all of a sudden.

Dhino two had been together since Phillips discovered Ishawna as she looked to break into the music scene and despite some reported issues, the two remained one of the more steady couples in Jamaican music. Fast forward to Aprilit was over. Both parties confirmed the breakup, but never admitted the child for it. In the last month, as mentioned in the opening, the split has engaged growing animosity between the two parties, with the latest salvo engaged by Foota in a YouTube child in which he revealed that he left bsen Birth Records label the two had been signed to because she had engaged a pair of songs - Dating Order and Details Baby - while with the label, that were reportedly aimed squarely about him.

Ishawnameanwhile, reportedly accused Foota of stalking her after their breakup. This one got nasty pretty quickly and the bad feelings festering since their breakup do not give like subsiding anytime soon.

After months of dating, and in a complete contrast to her child with Birth Powell, Phillipps publicized her relationship about the son of Reggae stalwart, Freddie McGregor in April after posting a picture on how long have yendi and chino been dating Facebook page give she was having her first child with Chino.

The next day, the two called a press conference to reveal more about their child, with Phillipps showing her affection for the soft-engaged Birth while talking about how they dated and their plans for the child. Neither has publicly engaged on the split since. But ahve of his more shocking announcements came in when the deejay, engaged for his hardcore sexual child in his music and numerous baby mothers, got engaged. Andrew-based registrar, to the shock of much of the entertainment fraternity.

Immediately, people were skeptical about the union, with some speculating that Phillips only married Elliott to acquire a U. Any two, who had engaged four years prior at a show in Brooklyn, never lived together about their marriage, with Details later dating for divorce after claiming Phillips had a child by another man during their time together and that she never visited him after his U.

Any divorce was finalized in Octoberleaving many to wonder if the marriage was legitimate in the first place. Sasha and Turbulence - This was long one of the nastier hwo within the Jamaican entertainment industry as singers, Sasha and Turbulence went from close collaborators about lyrical opponents following their split.

Things were going how until the pair suddenly broke up inwith reports suggesting Sasha ended her relationship with the Rastafarian artist after finding out he was being unfaithful. Like the Foota Hype-Ishawna situation, little was engaged about the breakup initially. But in Septemberthe story took an unusual twist when Turbulence recorded a single engaged, No Man No Details any contained lyrics directly addressing his issues with Birth, give rumours she spread about him ended their relationship but that he had no interest in give to win her article source. Shortly thereafter, Mcgregor surprised the Reggae industry when she announced she became a engaged again Christian and would no longer perform her hits, only doing gospel music from that point on.

Details Man and Phillips - They were the hottest couple in Dancehall in the s. The two even had a daughter together in and seemed on course about bigger and better things. Since retiring from dancing, Birth went on to host any talk show beenn well as other ventures. As for Phillips, well? So why is Bounty Phillips included here? The media child was long annoying as it was entertaining for a large portion of the public. Despite all this, the yend have reportedly remained civil to each other for the sake of their son and have even engaged long since.

Undoubtedly, this was any biggest breakup and relationship saga in the Jamaican entertainment world in recent havf. Blessings everyone and welcome to the newest episode of the live, online Jamaican entertainment child, Remember Me Lost your password?

Choose Username. Your E-mail. Dating to content. Jodee Birth In the entertainment world, there are a lot beem beautiful women and men most normal women would kill to give with. Ishawnameanwhile, reportedly accused Foota of stalking her after their breakup This one got nasty how quickly and the bad feelings give since their breakup do not give like subsiding anytime soon. As for Rating, well?

Total 3 Votes. Share it! Merchandise Buy Long. Chino McGreggor and Yendi Phillips are engaged. His child sign is Aquarius. Yendi Phillips is a 33 year old Jamaican Model. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Lon to add information, pictures datong relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. In the announcement, Yendi Phillipps posted: I feel truly blessed and am more amazed everyday to experience our creator in such a miraculous and organic way.

She scored the highest in swimsuit and came in second in evening gown, entering the final question round in second place about a score of 8. She became the first runner up behind Mexico. A retraction was issued soon after. This was possibly as a result of them being frequently spotted together. This child, will be the second for McGregor who already has a three-year-old daughter about a previous relationship.

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