Cool news Bungo. Trying to play the Guardian Games on Destiny 2 but it won't let me I can't even talk to Eva to start it. Is it using my ELO or something? The argument against matchmaking of this type in Destiny 2 was made irrelevant, in my opinion, given the tremendous success of the Freelance option. But there is more! I can't believe and don't fully understand the matchmaking system. Your matchmaking and lag has officially made me delete your game off my system. Was this article informative? It's not that hard.


Please don't call "support numbers" posted below — most probably it's a scam. Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. Also don't post any of your personal information. Having audio issues atm, will be live later with some DestinyTheGame tho. Trying to play the Guardian Games on Destiny 2 but it won't let me I can't even talk to Eva to start it. Destiny 2 is annoyingly slow on PS4. Man playing on PC got me spoiled lol. Tried playing Destiny 2 on console I couldn't do it. Doesn't even feel the same. DestinyTheGame your servers got me suspended from ranke, fix them

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Question Post. Posted by. Destiny 2. Help Forums. The dev team has just deployed changes to matchmaking settings for Survival, Freelance: Survival, and Labs: Elimination playlists to address feedback we've been receiving about skill mismatches. Comment Reply Start Topic. Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time Turn off please click for source aim assist.

That would be amazing. Man, I'm so glad I'm not the only one facing these garbage problems. In the same boat as all of you. I'm a decent player, and a good one with a solid team; but not a master by any means. The set-up for this is just flat out ridiculous. I don't mind losing at all. I even appreciate losing to players at my skill level that beat me. Shit, i don't even want to straight stomp on fools maybe to get not forgotten heh, but after that, no.

I want good, challenging games. But the system they have now is beyond broken. I just want to get to legend one more time in glory and I'll never play it again. I can't believe link don't fully understand the matchmaking system.

I'm 3. What's the definition of skill based matchmaking? I do not play like they do and definitely don't have someone in my team to carry me please click for source those people. You should look and learn from other games that have a better way to match players against each other, for example League of Legends. Just try to fix it and balance the game please, I have lost so many friends because they got fed up with this game and its B.

You never win a 1v1 battle, hell, you go in a battle is destiny matchmaking down your teammate are already fighting and not dying and here you peak out the corner tohelp the team and you immediately die while your team has been and still is in the same skaters dating russian but the opposing team is always missing their shots on them except you when you just peak out the corner to help lol!

Ill play 1 game and be a beast and then i go in the next game and i forgot how to play because nothing and I mean nothing works for like more games straight and i just end up quitting because its pointless to play when you know you already lost a battle due to BS before the battle starts! And then magically, everything I do works again for 1 game!

Im a decnet player too! Is destiny matchmaking down its just so obvios to me there is some sort advantage in lobbies for certain players or they are manipulating the network somehow because they are always like invisible to the opposing team until its too late! Even Bungie can be manipulating these lobbies! Think about it, they control each weapons aim assist, and have mods to that help aim bla bla! I already know when to quit a match! Even when the match is just starting!

When i clearly shoot first or its a clear 1 shot shotty with the mindbenders and it barely tickles the player! I just leave and an outrage waiting to happen! And people wonder why people quit! It just doesnt for work for people the way it works greatly for other people. Can you explain this exploit xD and if your gonna fix it lol, check the bottom teams clan.

Please remove the lose 2 win streak for loss crap. It is so stupid that 1 loss basically negates your progress in high comp and effectively makes it impossible to get anywhere without going on a 10 win streak. I've lost 10 comp games in a row, and it seems to have nothing to do with skill.

Whether my KDA is 0. Comp in this game has always been, and somehow continues to be, one of the worst experiences I've ever had in a video game. Just at least remove the point lost when the game started as 2 vs 3 or someone dropped off The matchmaking for this game is possibly the worst experience I've ever had trying to play PvP.

I've recently lost 12 survival matches in a row by getting matched with high Mythic ranked players with myself only being heroic. Most of the games have been completely one-sided with or if I'm lucky being the norm. I get the fact that yeah, "Git Gud" is real thing. But how is someone supposed to improve if matches end in stomps. Tarantulas Win. Last season I was surprised to go into comp with my friend who isn't very strong in crucible with a 0.

We even went on a 5 streak. This season we go in with 0 glory and we roll full teams with high glory and even teammates with lower glory, and my poor friend is getting rolled and we are losing even with me carrying pretty well. Is it using my ELO or something? Cause our glory was 0 starting out, but it wouldn't surprise me if my past scores dragged me into matches with sweats.

I can hang with them but I feel bad for my friend. Isnt it great that on my first comp season i get matched against unbrokens every match.

Keep in mind im sub glory. I thought that the matchmaking was skill based? Because to me it seems like every other game I play, it's against unbroken sweatlords that outclass me in every aspect. How is this ok? I'm not a bad player, but definitely NOT unbroken material.

Hey just checking back for an update. I thought you were not supposed to lose rank under fabled 1, my heroic 3 rank is going down, how is this working right? I started playing d2 again in season 7 and as a pvp player went into comp, gory was laughable but around comp it was just one win one loss and I was convinced I was at an artificial limit as my team would win or lose based on if I was able to carry them to the win at times getting 25 elims and my team-mates having combined of less than 10 or even 5.

So I stopped solo queing and found a team, I found guys around 4k and the same thing continued win or loose based on if I could perform a superhuman carry.

I'm good enough to beat legend players but not a team of them. So I got frustrated and washed my hands of the whole comp playlist until shadowkeep. Not that I want to compstomp but I went on my alt which has an unruly KD of 3.

So despite having a 1. This includes rewarding teams more, just stop it. It's is destiny matchmaking down an advantage being on a team. I read all the posts on this thread and there are some good ideas.

Lock Legend players to play only legend players for like a scarab style emblem that goes through is destiny matchmaking down upgrades, is one possibility. Loosing glory when matchmaking is so unfair is why people stop playing. And the gains against loss of glory ratio lopsided and accentuates the problem. It makes it complete RNG barring superhuman carries if you will win or not and even worse rng dependant if you will put together a winstreak.

And to put that into context someone admittedly better than me probably top 10 itw can solo from 0 - in 4. This also spills out into other gamemodes. Check this out, the only wins I get are when my team-mate gets requeued with me and quits before the match even starts and I 1v2 the entire match and furiously T-bag the team that thought they were so good after beating me because of potato team-mate.

All of this is to say its busted. What you will keep doing is punishing solo's, flog them until they leave and the game. When I load into d1 after i just cant take it anymore, I see solo's everywhere. I guess for their sins of wanting to have a personal gaming experience they are stuck in the purgatory of D1. Gosh our lives are unnaturally on show enough anyways and people will lfg when the want raid gear is destiny matchmaking down so forth.

I know I'm gonna get punished being good and triple whipped for being a solo, that I can live with, but being totally unable to get legend unless join the vile ranks of the we think were so good cos we unbroken legend infestations if they would even take me comically, or ripping out all my hair carrying in solo comp, it's all so putrid.

For context probably flawless runs in d1 on another alt, and 12 on d2 including on KJ hoveys team before I quit. So the solutions are as follows. Scrap comp. No glory for loss. Gated glory loss by rank.