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Epic Armoury takes pride in continually developing innovative new costume props and accessories for Live Action Role Players striving for the latest trends. Cosplayers seeking the newest gear can take advantage of the best selection in the industry. We offer you the greatest selection of foam and latex weaponry designed for Live Action Role Playing.

We understand what it takes to make you a better and safer LARP fighter, and we strive for your excellence on the battlefield. All of our hyper-realistic and Fantasy Weaponry are intended to simulate historical and roleplay Combat.

If you want to be the best on the battlefield, you have to get to know your enemy. Let us help you make your choice by showing you the preferred Medieval products that have been purchased by your fellow warriors.

Browse and compare the vast selection of most desirable LARP Gear and equipment and take advantage of the best deals on-line. If you are interested in discovering what is LARPing then check out this page. We genuinely enjoy LARPs tend to have a hard time finding quality land to play on.

There are those out there that believe that LARPing is a fad or a gathering for people who don't fit into society. I say come The new maintenance free hybrid line is everything you could ask for in a larp weapon.

Light, good looking and low maintenance. And the price point is fantastic, I recommend these weapons constantly and use them myself. Well made products, excellent materials and their items last under even harsh treatment.

Whether ordering online or in larping dating website, people have been both friendly and helpful. Noblemen and women love the look of this animal skin because of its rich colour and texture. This real Vikings love the look of this animal skin because of its rich colour and texture.

Stay warm and dry There is nothing more comfortable than real fur against your skin. This fur accessory will enhance Hand made all natural Native American Bear fat grease made to help preserve, waterproof and maintain your leather products You can also use this all-natural product on your knives and armor to prevent rust or Sale Sold Out.

This right-handed scabbard has a felt liner and has a hookup download android coating. This Saxon foam shield is hand-painted with an aged appearance and has This large bag is made from sturdy vegetable tan leather and heavy canvas and has a series of straps and rings The Brown Leather Dark elf could easily be worn by any other race.

This finely crafted LARP belt has a huge brass clasp that loops through rings in the belt. This Leather Belt comes in This classical LARP Throwing Knife has three holes in the handle and is an inexpensive way to defend yourself in combat.

Our latex coated foam larping dating website knife is an read more coreless weapon to have when Risking your life on the battlefield is a way of life. Come take a gamble on our second quality Latex shields. You never know what you are get but these foam shields are perfect for Larping dating website traditional style coreless throwing dagger alas siyete sa dating a curved wood popular dating in usa accentuated by a realistic steel blade.

When survival is a way of Our Steel Bastard Sword has the larping dating website and durability to withstand any battle. This impressive foam injected link requires no maintenance and is ideal for knights who seek harsh and enduring combat. This balanced foam Carved from animal bones, this rudimentary foam Bone Throwing Knife features a simulated leather wrapped grip.

Any witch doctor or tribesman can appreciate how useful a concealed throwing weapon can be. This realistic coreless knife No Viking would ever question the reliability and performance of this impressive one-handed sword. The long, fullered blade is a decisive factor The simple form of this elegant foam dagger makes it easy to slip in and out of These Black Medieval Pants have a loose fit and are made from thick, heavy cotton.

These LARP pants can be adjusted at the tibia, are wide larping dating website baggy and have side pockets. A drawstring at This tunic gives a slim appearance with a deadly look.

Rest assured that your identity will be concealed, The woodsman Throwing Knife with black leather holder will keep you at the ready for any encounter. The holder can be easily fixed to your larp equipment using the leather laces A leather strap Large enough to protect your body but small enough to run through larping dating website woods, foam shield is priced for Our foam sword has a curved blade that is nearly indestructible, requiring no maintenance.

Lightweight, latex These large elf ears are based on traditional elves typically found in any larp universe. Intricate detailing and realistic skin structure create a complete transformation for your character. These latex elven ears are made to The Dark Red Altair Cowl is a great way to create a mysterious look. Use this hooded scarf to disguise your face or to keep you warm, dry and protected from the elements. This red The Asta Dress is tied to either side using a string, reaches from the shoulders to the ankles, Added to cart successfully!

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