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After our post on writing better reviewswe got a lot of interest from readers asking us what it takes to create a great product review site. Unfortunately for the internet, when people think of building affiliate websitesthey usually think of doing something like this:. They have no ambition and are designed just to siphon off affiliate commissions by overselling without subtleties. The truth is that there are tons of affiliate sites on the internet with a focus on product reviews that are awesome and still great at making money.

Nerdwallet is essentially a review affiliate site for financial products. The cover everything from credit cards to mortgages to investing to insurance. What makes this one of their top pieces of content, however, is that it also targets a very good keyword. This may be one of the single most difficult but valuable affiliate keywords in the world, and NerdWallet consistently snags one of the top spots in the SERPs. As of right now they rank 1 for it in Google.

Another extremely competitive keyword, and, it should be noted, this content is also in tool form. They do not have ads, nor do they as far as I can tell sell any of their own products. Think of it as financial education for the masses that helps people get more bang for their buck. The site was started by Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, in Today, it ranks as one of the biggest consumer affiliate websites in the UK with over 8 million visits every month.

In a field filled with self-serving information and dubious knowledge, MoneySavingExpert MSE has managed to set itself apart thanks to its content quality and devotion to helping consumers.

Credit Scores: Bust myths and improve your score. The budget planner. The site does not accept advertisements or sponsored posts, nor does it offer any paid products. It uses a number of additional tactics to make extra affiliate marketing cash.

This includes an Amazon discount finderan association with Resolverand including Dating write ups in its forum threads. It was started by Brian Lam, the former editorial director of Gizmodo. Since its birth inclick at this page Wire Cutter has grown into one of the top 6, sites online by incessantly focusing on finding the best product in each category.

Along the way, it has earned tons of praise, even getting a story in NYTimes. Wirecutter Deals. The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker. The site does not accept any advertisements or sponsored posts, or does it sell any of its own products. As far as internet marketing goes, the dating niche is wildly more info. Unfortunately, it is also filled with tons of scamsters a shy guy distance spammy sites designed just to send traffic to affiliate offers.

The 15 Top Link for Single Women. Dating Advice makes most of its money by referring people to dating websites such as Match, eHarmony, etc.

New computer parts are coming out constantly, so you have to find the latest parts that fit your budget and are also compatible with each other. PC Part Picker read more these problems. It lets you shop for the latest pc parts based on performance and budget, and it automatically cross-references them with each other to check for compatibility. So the core of the site is a tool. This is the primary tool on the site — the one that helps people choose the best PC parts for their current PC build and checks for compatibility issues.

Note that every part in the list has an affiliate link. PC System Guides. This is similar to the part picker, but the site experts pre-build the computer for you, which automatically generates a part list. Intel Core i7 4. This is an example of a review on the site. One cool thing they do add is price history. This is very useful in an industry where prices change constantly. PC Part Picker is monetized completely through affiliate links.

And pretty much everything they do is monetized this way:. PCPartsPicker uses a number of different affiliate programs as part of its overall strategy, but the bulk of their income would appear to come from Amazon.

Most of the affiliate websites listed above click well-established with large teams and even larger budgets. This is why for our 6th example, we chose to focus on 50em. These tools run into hundreds of dollars each month and represent a big referral dating site for any marketer. By creating ultra-focused, hyper-targeted content, 50em makes the selection process easier, and in the process, makes bank.

This is the kind of site any AH reader can make — with tons of effort and guidanceof course! The site is pretty much a master-class in creating high value, high impact product reviews. InfusionSoft vs Ontraport: the ultimate showdown. A head-to-head comparison review of the two main tools the site dating jeu en about. Note the content length, low number of backlinks, yet they rank 1.

He clearly uses the tool, and shares both the good and bad sides of it. The monetization method for 50em should be clear enough: it makes money through affiliate commissions. You can learn more about it on the links below:. I like it, though, because it was among the first affiliate websites to really do the gift and novelty aggregation angle well. Gifts for Men.

Gifts for Geeks. Bear Referral dating site Bag. This is one of the top actual blog posts on the site, and it represents a theme across other top blog posts: something extremely weird targeting an extremely esoteric keyword.

TIWIB has an interesting model. As far as I can see more, only posts that point to Amazon or Etsy products are referral dating site.

Everything best paid dating sites australia is just a regular, non-affiliate link. Making Sense of Cents is another finance site, but, crucially, it was created and is run by one person: Michelle Gardner. So, unlike some of the bigger finance sites in this list, Michelle writes all the content on the blog herselfmaking the angle more personal advice, and coming from personal experience, than a referral dating site site with a team of experts.

So, in terms of an individual blogger doing well with affiliate products, Michelle is way up there. This is a good example of a piece of content that is successful because it helps people avoid lots of pain. In my view, this works exactly the same way as helping people gain something, but has a bit more urgency and lends itself to shareability. I think she really just wanted to share her experience, which is part of why I think this post is so successful.

Michelle makes most of her money through a combination of affiliate marketing and selling her own courses. She does make some money off of display advertising, but it represents a rather small percentage of her overall revenue. The Points Guy, however, is one of the few who seems to have cracked social traffic with as much success as they have cracked organic traffic. This site is all about credit cards in travel. This is a great example of an article that addresses a question his readers specifically might have at the same time click at this page it tackles a bit of controversy.

This is a pretty standard article targeting a good keyword. Not many referring domains here—just solid writing and high site authority carrying the bulk of the load. Of the top content I reviewed on this site, I think this is probably the one that best qualifies as a solid piece of highly useful evergreen content. The sort of thing that will get more and more popular over time, and that can be updated and re-marketed continuously.

Some examples are:. This blog is run by a gal named Abby, who writes about DIY, crafts, and organization. This is the kind of content that not everybody can do. The Budget Binder. As CompareAccounting. This site helps small businesses find the best accounting software for their needs. It is small and niche-focused siteand is something any marketer can recreate without a massive budget. It just provides simple, useful advice to SMBs, then puts the referral dating site engaged here in touch with the sales teams of accounting tools.

Accounting software is a big referral dating site and involves multiple stakeholders. This is why CompareAccounting does not even use affiliate links on any of its review pages. However, what do need is a constant supply of qualified leads, and this is where CompareAccounting makes all its money.

Besides reviews, the site offers whitepapers to all its visitors. To download the whitepaper, you have to give up a lot of data — your name, email, role, business size and type, etc. This information is very valuable to software vendors since these leads are likely to be highly qualified.

What we have with WebsiteSetup. How to create a website. For example, in a world where almost every other publisher displays their most recent posts, Robert is using a static homepage. All product recommendations are contextual links, and he even has a discount for you, his lovely readers.

Best WordPress hosting.