He later gets into a small conflict with Puck over who gets to own Finn's letterman jacket. Blaine answers, saying that if it weren't for Karofsky he would be completely fine with Kurt rejoining New Directions, but that he has to be safe. In early , Morrison appeared as a dance captain on a competition series called "The Greatest Dancer. Kurt is not sure about that, and that he doesn't trust him. There have been a couple of times when I have gone to Ryan Murphy and told him a couple of things that have happened to me, and then he writes it into the show. He returned to Broadway three years later to star as the titular character of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Self - Panelist. Burt visits him in the hopsital and expresses his grief, but Kurt reiterates that he is strong. At the conclusion of the song, Blaine jumps to his feet in applause, shouting, "Fantastic!


Blaine Anderson aka Darren Criss was perhaps the most successful addition to the Glee cast ever. He had a real backstory, was different from other characters already on the show, wasn't showing up to fill the spot of someone who had "graduated" and brought some excellent acapella to the program. However, like every character on Glee, Blaine has his fair share of problems, character-wise. His choices and characterization did not always make sense, no matter how long he was on the program. It wasn't just about him finding his feet on the show because a lot of Blaine's character problems came in later seasons. Sebastian first appeared in season three of Glee. He is very clearly set up as the antagonist of season three and yet Blaine continues to put himself in Sebastian's path. Despite having transferred schools because of his feelings for Kurt, Blaine still continues to meet with Sebastian, despite Sebastian's unashamed flirting. It doesn't make sense in terms of Blaine's previous choices or the kind of person that fans were led to believe Blaine was. It was clearly contrived without taking into consideration who Blaine was supposed to be. Not only does he sing a Tony song to audition, but he also accepts the part when, surprise, it is offered to him. It's a very weird power move to make as so soon after appearing on McKinely's campus. It was also not a great move to make against a friend like Kurt.

I started ballet at the ripe old age of three. My mom enrolled me after seeing me in front of the TV jeteing and debouleing to the Blues Clues theme song. That ballet class was one of the few places that just seemed to fit. And even when I saw some of the kids and their parents laughing at me, something inside my little brain said, 'Screw them.

Just go for it, Hummel. He is the first openly gay character introduced in the series. In the beginning of the series, Kurt is in the closet until he comes out to Mercedes Jones and eventually to his father, Burt. He establishes a crush on Finn Hudson and tries to pursue him, despite Finn being straight. He even goes as far as to set up his father with Finn's mother, Carolejust so he could be closer to him, which backfires when Finn uses a homophobic slur against him during an outburst.

In the Season 2Kurt meets Blaine Anderson hydro hook up quickly falls in love with him.

During the season, Kurt is the target of bully David Karofskywho turns out to be gay when he kisses Kurt unexpectedly. Scared for his life, Kurt eventually transfers to Dalton Academy with Blaine and they eventually pursue a relationship in Original Song. During the third click here, fourthand fifth seasons, Kurt's relationship with Blaine goes through several obstacles, such as when Kurt flirts with another guy or when Blaine cheats after Kurt moves to New York.

Despite this, they realize they will always be in love with each other and get engaged in Love, Love, Love. Sometime before Loser Like Methey break up, but Kurt later realizes his mistake and sets on a quest to win Blaine back. In A WeddingKurt finally marries Blaine. Kurt is introduced as the sassy, stylish student, who often gets thrown into the dumpster by Noah Puckerman and his football friends.

He auditions for the Glee Club where he hits an impressive high note. Kurt joins the New Directions in performing an inappropriate performance of Push It at the school assembly.

Kurt and Mercedes Jones form a friendship out of their fashion rivalry. Mercedes also develops a crush on Kurt. Kurt sees that Mercedes is lonely and he offers to cheer who is kurt dating on glee up by taking her out shopping. The cheerleaders, driven to stir up some petty drama for the Glee Club, manipulate Mercedes into thinking that Click the following article is straight and has feelings for her.

When she leicester speed dating him about their daughter funny my dating, Kurt, still closeted, lies to Mercedes and tells her that he has feelings for Rachelalthough the subject of his real crush is Finn. Jealous and embarrassed, Mercedes throws a rock through the windshield of his car.

When Kurt eventually tells her that he is gay, she asks why he was dads mums dating meet honest with her. Kurt then admits that he is afraid and does not want anyone other than her to know the truth of his sexuality.

When Burt walks in on Kurt dancing to Single Ladies with Brittany Pierce and Tina Cohen-ChangKurt attempts to hide his sexuality by claiming that he has joined the football team and that he is dating Tina. Desperate to gain his father's approval, Kurt actually "auditions" for the team. Much to the surprise of Coach Tanakahis father, and his teammates, Kurt turns out to be bbm pin site spectacular place kicker and he scores the final point to win the first game of the season.

The players lift Kurt onto their shoulders after the winning kick; he looks to the stands where his father is proudly shouting that Kurt is his son. After the game, Who is kurt dating on glee nervously tells to his dad that he is gay. Burt reveals that he has known since Kurt was three and asked for a pair of "sensible heels" for his birthday. Even though he is not entirely comfortable with the situation, Burt reminds his son that he loves Kurt no matter what: that he will always support and be proud of him.

The Rhodes Not Taken. When former Glee club member April Rhodes joins the New Directions, Kurt is initially reluctant to accept her into the club, but is moved to the point of tears after she performs Maybe This Time.

April attempts to get him fully on her side by sneaking him alcohol which he dislikes at first, but accepts after she tells him it will give him courage and vintage male muscle magazines, which he happily accepts. Emma Pillsburythe school guidance counselor, eventually sees a haggard-looking Kurt walking through the hallway, drunk. Kurt mistakes her for Bambi and vomits on her shoes. During a mash-off between the boys and the girls, Kurt tries to work with the girls, only for Mr.

Schuester to make him cross back over. The boys perform their mash-up rather enthusiastically, and Kurt feels obliged to tell the girls that all the boys took pseudoephedrine tablets from Will Schuester 's wife, Territo enhance article source performance.

They perform Hate on Me together. Finn debates throwing a slushie on Kurt. Though his teammates will beat him up if he does not do it, Finn is torn. Eventually Kurt slushies himself and asks Finn if he thinks a football player would do that for him. Kurt singing Defying Gravity. Schuester decides that one of the possible song selections for Sectionals will be Defying Dating crl from the musical Wicked.

Kurt is who is kurt dating on glee at the idea of getting the chance to sing the song, but his hopes are dashed when Mr. Schuester immediately awards the solo to Rachel Berry. Kurt relays his disappointment to his father and a furious Burt storms down to the school, demanding his son be given the chance to at least audition for the part. Will agrees that it was unfair of him to ignore Kurt's interest in the piece and agrees to let both Rachel and Kurt audition for the solo.

It is decided that the club members will vote for the winner, which worries Rachel because she knows that the rest of the continue reading like Kurt better.

Kurt, however, asks that the kids choose fairly on the merits of their musical talent, despite him being more popular and a better dresser.

Before the competition takes place, Burt receives an anonymous phone call at work calling Kurt a fag. Kurt has intercepted similar calls for some time and is more disturbed at how badly his father takes the incident. Kurt, not wanting to give his father more grief by singing a girl's song in public, throws the high note during the audition. Burt is disappointed that his son took a dive for his sake, but is touched by his actions, calling Kurt "strong" like his mother had been.

Kurt responds by saying that his father is more important than stardom. Kurt later performs Proud Mary read article the rest of the club. When the Glee group is split into pairs and asked to sing ballads to their partners, Kurt and Finn are assigned as partners. Finn of course, is reluctant to pair with a boy, for fear of being pegged as gay.

Kurt however, is overjoyed at the idea and attempts to flirt with Finn through the guise of friendship and giving advice for Finn's personal problems.

His plan works in that he and Finn become closer friends, but backfires in other ways. In the end, Kurt hints to Finn that he has feelings for the other boy, with his ballad choice I Honestly Love Youbut Finn seems to misunderstand. Kurt's feelings for Finn continue to lead him to behave in a manipulative fashion when he manipulates Rachel with false advice on how to win over Finn, after Quinn has asked him to help seperate Rachel and Finn.

Kurt convinces Rachel to take on a sultrier look, like the character Sandy in Grease. While the look does get Finn's attention, Finn admits that he prefers Rachel as she normally is.

Rachel then confronts Kurt, who admits that they are both in love with the same man and that as long as Quinn is in the picture, neither of them will ever have him—Kurt less so because Finn is not gay.

In the end, although not quite friends, both have bonded over their shared heartbreak. It is Kurt who suggests the group not to fight against Glee Club's continue reading from the yearbook, due to all the previous years' Glee Club photos being defaced by the rest of the student body. But in see more end, the kids allow themselves to be photographed for the yearbook which goes on to be defaced as usual.

Kurt also joins the rest of the group in taping a mattress commercial. Kurt performs who is kurt dating on glee vocals during Jump. Despite Sue releasing their setlist, New Directions win Sectionals.

Kurt is seen re-enacting his Single Ladies routine with Brittany share matchmaking services boca raton not Tina. Kurt is among the people who confront Rachel on her relationship with Jesse St.

Jamesthe lead singer of their rivals Vocal Adrenaline. The Power of Madonna. When Dating cbe grows concerned about how the boys are treating the girls, Kurt suggests that all of them perform Madonna numbers to strengthen the girls' sense of self-worth.

Sue enlists the help of Kurt and Mercedes to give her a makeover, and the three of them recreate the Vogue video. However, instead of changing herself, Sue decides to change others and offers Kurt and Mercedes a spot on the Cheerios. Because of their lack of solos in Glee Club, they accept and sing 4 Minutes at a pep rally, shocking Will.

He is not pleased by them "joining the enemy camp" asking if they could have warned him beforehand. Mercedes and Kurt, however, respond that he never warned them about passing them up for solos. In the end, Will has no choice, but to accept their decision. At the end of the episode, Kurt and Mercedes receive solos in the episode's closing number, Like a Prayer. Kurt tries to get closer to Finn by setting their widowed parents up.

Online dating south wales, Kurt's plans don't go the way he expected when he finds himself feeling left out when Burt and Finn bond over sports at a "family" dinner.

That evening, Burt confronts Kurt about his change in behavior, to which Kurt reveals how much it hurt to see his father connect so much better with Finn than with his own son. Kurt then dismisses his father, so as to avoid crying in front of him. Before leaving, however, Burt asks Kurt if he introduced him to Carole for Burt's sake or for something else, implying he suspects Kurt's attraction to Finn.

Unable to deal with this, Kurt conspires with Finn to break their parents up. However, in the end, Finn comes to accept that Burt's relationship with his mother is beneficial to her, after seventeen years of being alone. Finn invites Burt to watch the basketball game with him, during which the two fall into a discussion of sports again. Both however are unaware of Kurt watching them from a nearby window outside crying. Alongside all of this, his relationship with Mercedes hits choppy waters when he suggests she needs to lose weight so she can keep herself on the Cheerios.

Kurt is upset to find that he didn't make the Glista list of the hottest and sexual members of the glee club, so he, Artie AbramsMercedes, and Tina team up with Brittany to bring up their reputation by singing U Can't Touch This in the library, but they are unsuccessful. Kurt is saddened by the fact that his dad is paying more attention to Finn and in the mistaken belief that if he becomes "straight" his father will love him again, he changes his persona to straight, becoming "Butch Kurt"—a "man's man.