Premium Tanks. Premium tanks also benefit from a combat experience multiplier. If teams aren't full, top player from each team must be of equal tier The minimum team size cannot drop below 7 XP and Silver factors are increased to make up for the lack of enemies. The system might make mistakes. Asia: English. Larryn Bell Writer. Its goal is to get you in a battle quick and make sure the two teams it assembles are:.


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. World of Tanks Blitz Store Page. An in depth explaination of why World of Tanks as a franchise is becoming a traditional pay to win game and how the developers are manipulating their players to commit to using premium services to get an advantage in the matchmaker. A similar investigation and exposing has been made on several titles utilizing a similar microtransaction model. Most long-term players can't deny the obvious drastic change in matchmaking when queueing with a newly purchased premium vehicle that was on a major holiday sale. For example, the Chrysler K GF where many reviewers got censored by Wargaming for exposing the truth about their corrupt system. In a nutshell Wargaming implemented a system that arrange matches to influence game-related purchases.

Wodld lot of people are asking how the match-making system functions. So here is the general info guive on the devs answers. General Provision The match-making system is an algorithm which distributes players into the teams before the start of battle. The way it works is really simple. The mach-making system considers the info about your vehicle and assigns your a number weight. It is based on that weight you are assigned to one or another group of players.

There is a ceiling to the maximum weight of the team. It is a floating number but total weight of each of the two battlign teams under any conditions always will be equal. The total weight limit of a team is floating world of tanks matchmaking guide the level of the tanks in the game is always growing.

The number of low level tanks gets lower. They give way to a higher level tanks, since players always improve their hangar collection by getting higher level tanks. The number of low level tanks is compensated with influx of new players. However the influx of new players is always fluctuating, so the weight ceiling for the team also varies. It is important. Weight of the tank. Every tank has its own weight.

Please click for source is here number which describes median battle effectiveness of the given tank. MT lvl 8 has its own coefficient, TD lvl 9 has another, etc. Artillery is calculated separately. The match-making system does not take into account the armor penetration ability of your gun in relation to the armor of the enemy tanks.

The light tanks of guice level end up in the battles with tanks of the high level because of the need for the scouts light in every battle regardless of the level. It can happen that a gukde 5 tank can end up in a battle with level tanks as one of the last tanks on the list, or it can end up being a top tank in the battle with tanks of levels This is why the light tanks like A20 and BT-7 often end up in battles with high level tanks. Ever tank has a diapason of the battle levels in which the tank can end up in.

And depending on this range the tank is assigned into the battle. The mechanics of making this happen is unclear and it is uncertain if this will be implemented at all. Balancing Artillery. Artillery has a special place in any team. And because of that the weight of the artillery is calculated separately from the wor,d of the vehicles.

There is a separate formula to calculate weight of the SPG. Also, except making sure that both world of tanks matchmaking guide have equal weights, the system ensures world of tanks matchmaking guide equality of the weights for SPGs in every team. Additionally the system tries to reach the equality in the number the SPGs maximum difference — 2 units.

Simply matchma,ing arties live their own lives, they have their own weight and balance in the teams. The number of SPGs in teams depends on their number in relation to a total number of tanks on wkrld weighting list. Sometimes you can see that the number of arties images hookup, but on one side you have 4 SU and matchmakinh the other 2 Hummels. It is worpd because the weight of the Hummel equal to the weight of 2 Tsnks approximately.

Balancing platoons. The weight of the tanks in a platoon will be equal to the weight of the same tanks not in the platoon. In other words the platoon of 3 IS-7 will be balanced by 3 IS-7 or by a number of tanks whose total matchmakking is equal to the wordl of 3 IS This table displays level of tanks and levels of battles in which they can end up at. The game has several levels of distributing tanks into battles so far 10 levels. It is done so to maximally diversify the number and quality of vehicles in the battle.

In the future it is possible to add option so player could expend the range of the levels s he can play at by raising the ceiling level to the maximum. So by making certain adjustment in options, SU level 2 SPG will have a see more to end up in the battles of guidde instead of the standard There are no plans to change the general principle of the match-making system.

However it is possible that we will see some adjustment in coefficients and introduction of additional limitations on team make up. If additional wrold will be added, it is possible that the waiting time will increase and it will be impossible to increase the maximum size of a platoon. The following currently is NOT provided: — Equal number of the top tanks wirld Equal weight or number of the Light tanks — Equal weight or number of the Medium tanks — Equal weight or number of the Heavy tanks — Equal weight or number of the Tank destroyers — Maximal symmetry in models now one team might have 2 Maus, and the other 2 IS-7 — Equal number of platoons in teams.

Effectiveness of the tank is calculated based on its level and type. Is it possible to reduce the weight? The End Game. In conclusion here are the basic tenants of the world of tanks matchmaking guide gkide 1. The system does not mirrors team make up. There will be never identical composition of vehicles in two teams. The system might make mistakes. The system does not care who you are and where you are from. The major criteria matchmaling forming magchmaking — the weight of tanks in teams.

Artillery is always balanced separately. The changes in the system read more possible.

Example: King Tiger can be balanced with 2 SU It is normal. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email mathcmaking will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Featured Cosplay Hestia Cosplay and Ot.