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Morshu McPhereson attended the 1st Annual Shopkeep Festivalwhere he offered autographs at a booth. However, after he noticed Ushrom was attracting more people than him, he took Ushrom to his house and brutally killed him. Morshu then bragged about his misdeed hytule his blog, prompting the police to surround his house. He then escaped with a jetpack, only to fatally crash. Morshu subsequently found himself welcomed into Heavenbut when he was surprised by Chad Wardenhe fell back to our world and landed on He11sing Still wanted for Ushrom's murder, Morshu went to live with his old friend, the Irate Gamer.

However, the IG soon kicked Morshu out for shitting on his furniture and joking about killing his family. Morshu then lived as a homeless beggar until, after King Harkinian suffered a freak injury, he was daying to become the new, temporary king of Hyrule.

In youtube poop hyrule dating videos new position of power, Morshu was able to get away with his crimes. Morshu quickly became infatuated with Linkbut his reign was cut short when he was suspected of pedophilia and replaced by Zelda.

Morshu can utter the sound "MMM", which is powerful enough to destroy a camera. Morshu, a resident of Koridai[3] yyoutube as a shopkeep and lives in a trailer. By doing this, Morshu became the most-hated person on YouTube. After Morshu killed rival shopkeep Ushrom and bragged about it on his blog, police surrounded Morshu's house, but he managed to escape.

Morshu then lived as a fugitive until a freak accident source to https://blackhills.xyz/media/i-give-up-on-internet-dating.php becoming the temporary king of Hyrule and he pardoned himself. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You want it? You can help by expanding it. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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