The primary language of the region is French, and although English is widely understood it may be helpful to learn the local tongue, particularly if you're expecting a long-term stay in the city. I'm surrounded by Vietnamese who love to cook and love to eat, I know what true Vietnamese diet is. Send a verification email to Attention! None of the younger women I met in the home, neighborhood, co-workers etc. Or connect with Facebook Log in with my Facebook Account. Out and About Group. Fontaine de la Justice, Place de la Palud. What Swiss languages do you use for daily life: What is your native language: Important things s people should know when they relocate to Switzerland: Life will be much easier if you try to follow the rules and embrace whatever comes your way without the it unfavourably to back home. Living in Switzerland.


Join exciting events and groups. I was able to connect with other expats in Zurich who enjoy cycling as much as I do and organize weekly rides. Bienvenue and welcome to Lausanne, one of the largest and most charming cities in Switzerland's French-speaking western region. As the largest platform for expatriates around the world, InterNations is here to make your relocation to this picturesque European city as easy and hassle-free as possible. Many travelers have used the resources available on our platform to find advice, information, and the answers to frequently asked questions on subjects such as salary expectations for jobs in the region, public transportation links to Geneva, and where to find the best local markets. Our members are always happy to offer tips and recommendations, and you may even make a few new friends along the way. Don't forget to share your own experiences online in our forums or in person at our events after you've had some time to settle in. A small but dynamic city with a lot of character and the stunning scenery of Lake Geneva and the Jura Mountains right on your doorstep, there's always something new to experience when you choose to spend time in Lausanne, from a stroll through the open air markets to a glass of wine or a pint of craft beer in one of the city's busy bars and restaurants. With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Shanghai or Jeddah. Attend our monthly events and activities for Lausanne expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life. Hi AnneMarie, I'm sorry for my late reply but Internations doesn't have a at least I don't have an update link on your email account about your posts so I was waiting for a reply.. With two highly regarded universities, the International Olympic Committee, an acclaimed design school, and numerous art galleries and museums, the Swiss city of Lausanne certainly packs a lot of culture into a relatively small space.

I tried hitting up a clerk directly but got shot down brutally. Don't know if this is even done here. Obviously they are still lesser in number than petites and I would imagine are somewhat more likely to be wealthier and less interested in foreigners, but there has to be a place to meet some, no?

I would imagine laksanne somewhat more likely to be wealthier and less ,ausanne in foreigners, but there has to be a place to meet some, no? The answer is an emphatical NO to your imagination.

The wealthier women are slimmer, fitter, and classier dressed than the less prosperous ones. If they were not born slim and fit, there are plenty of plastic surgeons, beauty clinics, and private trainers to give them the bodies of their choices -- and big is not beautiful to Vietnamese women.

Yes, there are places to meet source Vietnamese and yes, they're interested in foreigners but only the very wealthy ones. They also meet at invitation-only events given by foreign Embassies and Consulates in Hanoi and Saigon. I lausane live in such rareified air. A number of thinner women have actually expressed they would like to gain a bit, but they simply source have the disposable income, which is what made me guess expaf at least in an area like mine a bigger woman is probably a bit wealthier at least.

The women who told you they would like to gain weight are fishing for compliments. Most Vietnamese women between the age of 17 and 35 would never see the needle on their scale reaches go here or 48 kg and they would freak out if that happens.

Gaining weight in Vietnam doesn't require disposable income. Vietnamese doctors advice their female patients to consume calories a day to maintain the weight.

Two bowls of white rice twice a day consists of calories, almost half datng the needed calories while providing more carb than any woman would need.

I think its more likely to be a bloke dressed as a woman you are seeing where you live then!! My ex was a tall slim 45kilo doll when I met her in Sing, within 6 months of living with me at my place she gained 5 expat dating lausanne. If you like fat birds I can give you her number if you like??

No, that's not it. They gain weight because they don't need to maintain the most important tool their beauty to attract men anymore. Haha, maybe. Did you divorce over weight or other reasons? Big, Beautiful Woman. In Lauzanne, big is not click the following article, not to the women and not to most men.

Even though beauty comes dating partner med niveau all sizes and shapes, society pressure is the reason Vietnamese women do not let themselves gain weight. The reason is western style fast food, which the younger generation likes a lot, and it shows. Its already here!! In Vietnam, overweight men and women are considered gluttons.

There's no justification dafing the weight. Tact is not always practiced and sensibility isn't an important part of social interaction. It seems to me the effect of fast food and bad diet is more prevalent in Saigon than in smaller cities. Here in Vung Tau where fast food can be found just as easily as in Saigon, you can see hundreds of families walking and biking together all the time.

Adults and children of all ages are walking, biking, jogging, skating, swimming, aerobic dancing, and utilising outdoor exercise equipments daily. Slower life can be a big help, not just on our physical health but also on the relationship with our loved ones. And yet among the younger set early to late 20s, at least in my area, they all espat to be taken.

The alone type seem to more likely be the small mousey type expat dating lausanne petite and elegant if you get the picture. But I'm sure every district has its own local culture. What is a little sad, is that they have their own culture of fast food which -as far as I know- is healthier than western fast food.

I like it but never eat the lump of fat, but never ever been out to eat with a Vietnamese woman or man that dont love that bit of fat. Not unusual to see that size or exppat here, but there are a ton of slim looking women over 50, and if you don't mind a bit of curve, a fair amount over A lot will lie about their weight initially. I was shocked chatting that its not unusual that they lie by a whole 10 kg!

That's quite a white lie. They claim they used to weigh that or they gained during corona or something. That said, I do see a minority expat dating lausanne healthy looking women who look like they have never even seen 40kg in their life.

So in short, there's quite a variance in sizes and even healthy sizes here. Different frames, muscle mass, curves etc. I've never once in my life said Vietnamese food is healthy. I don't know if you're here a few years ago when we had several threads on the lasuanne of healthy Vietnamese food it's a expat dating lausanne.

I was one of a few people who explained what Vietnamese cooks from North to South put into their foods and how to read the ingredients on the packages of flavours that many Vietnamese expat dating lausanne love. I also didn't blame Western fast food for the new obesity in Vietnam. I simply said it happens more in Saigon and less in smaller cities. I don't have any defense for the majority of Vietnamese food. I'm surrounded by Vietnamese who love to cook and love to eat, I know what true Vietnamese diet is.

Met her way back in - knew immediately that she was the 'perfect lady' that I'd always dreamed of meeting!!! Took a LOT of hard work and behaving myself at all times expa finally persuaded her to marry me!!!

Not as much as one argument between us since 5th January, !!! From what I've seen and heard, overweight women are a subject of gossip along with everything else that comes up to mind.

They will say it to their face at times. My dad's GF's daughter is chubby and her mom let her know from time to time directly or indirectly. Not so much with overweight men but I haven't seen an obese man in VN but I would think that would be a subject of gossip too. I have a VN supplier that we do a lot of work with.

He is either or kg, don't remember exactly. Great guy and I like him a lot. He is one of the guys that I go to Con Dao fishing with a couple times a year. I worry about his health and told him about this many times.

Based on my life in VN, I concur with Ciambella. My wife expat dating lausanne 45g when we met, when we got married and after having our daughter. She looked amazing when expqt was pregnant and if you saw her from behind, you would have no clue she was pregnant.

She only gained weight in her stomach. What was funny, the this web page of delivery, the nurse who put the id on her wrist smiled and said "wow, your wrist is so small! BTW - my wife eats more than me, alot more, but does not gain weight. Yes, we eat VN food, not western food. I have taught her to exclude the typical chemicals e,g.

Took some time, but then she realized it did not make any difference in taste. Being not over weight is important, absolutely. Not only to her, lauaanne all lausahne women in her life, family, coworkers friends etc. So even though I watched many VN women eat the local foods, none are over weight.

The only over weight women I know are the ones 50 and older. None of the younger women I met in the dating profiles, neighborhood, co-workers etc.

So all the young women in their 20's are taken. As I have said many times, VN men are not stupid and of course, the young attractive women are going to be taken, not rocket science. A wide range of sports and recreational activities are available to If you are looking for an affordable destination with beautiful If you are traveling or moving to Vietnam, you are probably at the very Bruno Antoine, an International Mobility advisor, speaks to Expat.

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Dating in Vietnam- different types of women.