The market must be huge for this sort of thing, as the choir sure seems to love listening to the preaching. Related Items dealing with strong women marriage partner relationships strong woman strong women traits of strong women why most men can't handle strong women woman women. Strong women dive right into the depth of hurt, traumas, and life-changing experiences. It is very obvious why many of us men are MGTOW today which will save us a lot of pain, misery, and keep a hell of a lot of extra money in our pockets as well. Even if things appear to be going well, there's no telling what's going to set off their narcissistic rage. She wants you to make decisions and she wants you to make plans. What they don't want is to be around someone who is going to mistreat or disrespect them.


What makes a strong woman? Among other factors, her struggles, sacrifices, and selflessness play a huge part. A strong woman has endured pain, overcome heart-wrenching experiences, and has allowed herself to be led by forgiveness. A strong woman has swum in deep and treacherous waters and held her breath as long as possible. This type of woman is self-sufficient, independent, loving, and has no fears of showing her vulnerability. If the woman you love fits the above description, consider yourself privileged. The strong woman knows that one moment you are the teacher, and the next you might be the student. She understands and is okay with this, but sometimes the man in her life fails to share this understanding. So, how does a strong woman keep a man? Can you handle a strong woman in your life? A man needs to feel wanted. He needs to know that he is battling for the eternal love and admiration of his woman.

As my parents can attest to, this article accurately described a picture of my childhood. My parents would joke that all they had to do was look at my sister when she was in trouble and she would cry. Me on the other hand? My parents would look at me and I would boldly stare right back at them. This was great advice for parents.

But what happens when that strong-willed child grows up? Parenting is one thing. Being married to a strong-willed spouse is quite another. A strong-willed spouse gets a bad rap. They can be seen as stubborn, dominant, unreasonable, or headstrong.

Strong-willed wives are told to muslim dating more submissive while fating husbands are told to be soft and less domineering. Trying to conform the behavior of your strong-willed spouse can easily lead to power struggles, conflict, criticism, hurt, and misunderstanding of character. Understanding your strong-willed spouse can go a long way toward a healthier marriage.

When we understand how our spouse is designed, we more accurately interpret their behavior and develop healthier styles of relating, seeing this web page strong-will as a God-given strength rather than a weakness. They are spirited and courageous. They want to learn things for themselves rather than accepting what others say, so they test the limits over and over.

When their heart is set on something, their brains seem to have a hard time switching gears. They have big, passionate feelings and live at full throttle.

Sound familiar? This definitely resonated with me. These characteristics can easily continue throughout adulthood and well into marriage. A relationship with not one, but two strong-wills leaves us with a choice.

We could find ourselves opposed, opinions flowing, wills colliding, playing a marital game of tug of war.

We chose the latter. And our marriage has been stronger stronh it. So how can you better understand your strong-willed spouse? Here are some of Aha!

Side-step power struggles and avoid being the bad guy bossing them around. Best advice ever, especially for marriage. Strong-willed people like to be right, which can create a subtle competition they are sure to win.

In a parenting relationship, the dating a strong willed man is the one who makes the sating. But in a marriage, who decides how things will be? Creating family rules provides a unified standard for everyone to adhere to. And if a rule is violated, you can point your finger to something other than your sating.

If you take a hard and fast position, you can easily push your [spouse] into defying you, just to prove a point. This can easily happen in marriage. Stand your ground france site de dating your strong-willed spouse will quickly rise to the challenge.

Raise the level of intensity in a conversation and your strong-willed spouse will likely match you rather than back down. Good rule of thumb: pick your battles wisely. Not everything needs to be dating a strong willed man throw down aa. Nor does every disagreement need to be won.

Timing is everything. Approaching a strong-willed spouse in a gentle, non-threatening way will yield more successful results than with an accusatory or combative tone. Can amn agree to disagree? Or select a better time and approach your spouse later to discuss the issue. She has a dilled that is making her hold fast to her position, and she is trying to protect something that seems important to her.

And, like the rest of us, it helps a lot stromg she feels understood. When your strong-willed spouse is being defensive, in reality they are trying to protect their position, feelings, and heart.

Understanding that your dating a strong willed man spouse learns best through experience is important.

Many times we try to control outcomes or avoid consequences by telling others what to do or how to do it. But this will backfire with a strong-willed spouse and they will begin to feel controlled and frustrated. Not to mention, they take responsibility early. Nagging has never been a great motivator. It just leaves you feeling frustrated and srong spouse feeling small and criticized. Your strong-willed spouse longs to be independent and take charge of their own destiny.

He or she has the capacity to be self-disciplined and self-motivated, but needs a little breathing room. Make a to-do list together, each of you choosing tasks that compliment your abilities and strengths. Set deadlines for each task, and then give each other room to accomplish them. Give your strong-willed spouse the freedom she needs to learn from her own mistakes. If you offer a choice, he feels like the master of his own destiny. This idea might sound weird in a marital environment but hear me out.

The key here is to remember that your spouse likes to be in charge of his own destiny, schedule, routine, to-do list, etc.

You and your spouse could have different ideas of how to spend the weekend and altered expectations could ignite sparks. Telling your spouse how their time will be spent can make them feel controlled and parented.

Instead, communicate your schedule and expectations of your spouse and include options on timing, tasks, involvement, etc. Remember, choices provide freedom and independence. It provides them courage, tenacity, and perseverance when the going gets rough.

In the face of tragedy and struggle they will pick themselves back up and press on. They live passionately and love fiercely. They raise children to think daying themselves, resist peer pressure, and stand for what they believe.

Strong-willed spouses are leaders. We are survivors. Understanding how your strong-willed spouse operates will storng a long way toward healthier communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy in marriage! Living with a strong-willed spouse can ignite conflict. Check out these posts for more tips:. Forgiving Often: 6 things you need to know.

How to Stay Fit in Your Marriage. This puts it into perspective that my partner and I can have a wonderful future together. Like Like. So happy to hear! Thanks for sharing. Strong-wills can make stronger relationships if we let it and work to understand each other. Best wishes to you! Love the post. You have great content on your blog.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Avoid power struggles by using routines and rules. Offer respect and empathy. See it from their point of view. Remember that strong-willed spouses are experiential learners. Your strong-willed spouse wants mastery more than anything.