India is known as one of the more sexually conservative countries around, and not a great place for single men who want to get laid. No need to exchange phone numbers. How it works: The travel mate will pick you from the hotel and will show you main places in Goa. Further extension of together stay is totally depending on both parties understanding and agreement and is beyond LOL rules and safety promise. Getting her to go out with you is never a bad thing, but now you have to show her a good time on your date night or it was all for not. With all of that said there are around ten million people here, that means lots of single women and surely some of them have needs. We are Famous. We do collect professional proofs and age proofs to validate the candidate.


As Covid becomes a part of the new-normal, it has become increasingly difficult for us to remain true to our mission of connecting singles in real life. Without them, it has become impossible to continue further. As a result, after a beautiful and fulfilling 9-year journey, we have decided to graciously call it a day. The Floh app will sunset at midnight on May 31st. Floh celebrated the spirit of being single, and the celebration will not cease. We will continue to engage, talk, and share our invaluable insights on dating and relationships with you all on Single In The City. So make sure to bookmark this link as there is a lot more coming up over here in the next few weeks. You can also stay connected with us by signing up for our very popular weekly newsletter at singleinthecity. Visit Single In The City. Dear Floh community, As Covid becomes a part of the new-normal, it has become increasingly difficult for us to remain true to our mission of connecting singles in real life. Until we meet again. Love, Simran and Siddharth Mangharam.

No contact info is exchanged. The ones you liked get your email. Go here rest get no info about you. Research suggests that within 30 secs of meeting, you know if there is chemistry. That's why you'll have brief 6 min meetings with several singles, and then decide who you want to meet for a longer duration.

It's quickest way to meet the singles you like and skip the rest. Anybody can apply for no cost. But only those applicants who are approved, after a screening process, are invited to the event.

You can be sure you'll meet only quality singles at our events and nobody sketchy. Applicants are screened for personality and professional qualifications. We cannot divulge too many details of our decision making criteria since this would expose us to potential gaming of the system, but here is an overview of what we screen for. The thing I liked the most ws the main concept - meeting 12 singles who do not ask for ur number but whom u genuinely get to knw widout any pressure or expectations.

It felt great talking freely like that. Female, 26 years, Business owner. Female, 34 years, Chartered Accountant. It's the first time I attended a speed date event in mumbai. Until now I had only seen this on the internet and and Hollywood movies I would never meet such variety if I had stuck to my usual circle! Female, 31 years, International Retail Banker. The quality of singles I met at the event was quite fantastic, and frankly much better than my expectation. Clearly, the filtration process you have implemented works.

Very well organised with quality singles. Good choice of location too. Everyone stuck to the rules and behaved well. Female, 28 years, News anchor with leading channel. Male, 28 years, Media Planner Advertising. I loved the venue, classy, sexy, perfect - it should be made the default venue of all all your events.

Female, 25 years, Art Director Advertising. There was a good mix of women of them had done sky diving and a lot them were into trekking, both my fav actitivities. Male, 27 years, First officer co-pilot with leading airline. U really keep your word when you say you do the checking befr intros. Met some absolutely lovely guys! Female, 34 years, Ad agency executive. Female, 25 years, Analyst at MNC bank. Since on certain seats, we were sitting side-by-side, it ws difficult to talk Sitting facing each other wud hv been better.

Female, 38 years, HR Manager. Although the dating events in bangalore is to talk to each person for 6 minutes, I think 12 was a bit too much. Female, 38 years, Senior Personal Hairstylist. Sometimes u meet sum1 u really enjoy talking to, at that time, the 6 minutes bell seemed really annoying But then again, u meet sum1 wid whom u hv nuthin in common and at that time, the "bell" is eagerly awaited.

So basically dating events in bangalore was nuthin really that I did not like. It was quite all right. Nothing I disliked. Just I would have preferred that everybody had the full name on their name tag. I mean not just their first name but also their last names too. Male, 34 years, Business Analyst. I was asked my profession by practically every girl there, making it look like they all had marriage on their mind.

I wouldn't mind it just being a social experience, and to figure out the rest later. Male, 31 years, Business Owner. What I liked least was the time slot. Can't you have it a little earlier? Like 4 to 6.

That gives me the rest of the day for other plans. Female, 35 years, TV News Anchor. Perhaps the venue could have tables with chairs on the opposite side, so that singles can face each other, instead of sitting side by side on a couch. Female, 27 years, Freelance Fashion Stylist. Enter your email to get alerts about SpeedCoffee events.

Absolutely no spam! SpeedCoffee - Because life is short! Meet singles without giving out your number Your privacy protected. Learn more. Only classy singles, by invitation How we screen applicants. Find out. The 6-minute coffee 6 minutes are enough! Stay informed about events in your city GET Alerts.

Register learn more. The easy way to meet great singles. No need to exchange phone numbers. Get the contact info of those you match with and choose 'The One'. The 6 minute coffee.

Only by invitation. What Clients Say Loved it Could be better. Great folks from diverse back grounds The time crunch: The proposition to meet and interact with 12 singles in a span of 2 hours Female, 34 years, Chartered Accountant. It was one of a kind in India! Excellent host and privacy protection! The manner in which it was conducted and the quality of individuals present. The fact that both parties have to say yes for contact information exchange to actually happen.

All current events have singles sitting face to face. Too formal a forum You are free to have a formal or a lighthearted chat, it's up to you. But we've just added an ice breaker idea which simply is d banj dating bonang whom make interactions more chilled out and less formal.

Female, 32 years, Business Owner SpeedCoffee responds : "Aah, the eternal question: Is 6 minutes too little or too much? The jury is still out on this one. Providing name makes it easier to trace a person online after the event and attempt to make contact with them even if they marked you NO. Also, a person's last name can sometimes make us judge even before we interact with them.

Hence, no last names. Male, 31 years, Gvsu site Owner SpeedCoffee responds : "We've tweaked our event dating events in bangalore you don't have to repeat your job description to everyone. And btw, when a woman asks just click for source you do, it's a good sign, it means she is interested enough to want to know more. And if most girls asked you that, you probably did a lot of things right!

We will be experimenting authoritative gay hiv positive dating apologise that time slot. No Dating events in bangalore You.