How many guy friends have you had that liked you? They offer consolation and solidarity and uplift, competing as they do in a marketplace. And I feel that's one of the reasons she likes me, cause I get along well with her friends. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Possibly, she was def pretty slooty. I want to turn things around with her so we can be a LOT more than friends. A secure person doesn't need validation to know their worth.


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Dating a girl with go here lot of guy friends. I gorl I'm [M22] she's [F22] We started dating a week ago and I've met a few of her friends. Please click for source pretty much all guys, and one girl.

She's roommates with two guys. One what the difference between and courting a girlfriend, but I get along well with both of them. Even talk about video games and My friends keep telling me that I need to watch out, and that I need to show some salt when she's talking to another guy.

But i'm not really like that, i've been the insecure jealous type before in another relationship and it never works. So i'm just being chill about it and meeting her guy friends and trying to get along with them. The jealousy so far is pretty much null. And I lohs that's one of the reasons she likes me, cause I get along guyy with her friends.

But I have to admit, I DO feel a little bit witj at times, especially when I see guys commenting all over her facebook photos, or how they look at me when she kisses me in public.

It's kinda intimidating. Anyone here have advice with this just click for source of stuff? Girl with mostly guy friends here. Definitely keep doing what you're doing and stay cool with her guy friends. You don't need to show salt toward her or them. In the past I've dated a few guys who made it apparent they weren't comfortable with me having mostly guy friends. In all those cases I had to end it not long after they started to show their jealousy cause it just doesn't work.

I'm not going to stop socializing normally with my friends to make my boyfriend confident in our relationship, and I would never expect a guy to do the same dafing me if he had mostly female friends. Do my guy friends sometimes put the moves on me? Yeah, but when they do I stress that I'm happy in my relationship with my bf and don't want to ruin my friendship with said guy.

I ask my current bf to be equally responsible he has mostly female friends and I just have to trust him. That's really all you can do. Just keep in mind that a girl who can make guy friends easily really has no trouble finding guys to date.

Chances are she could date a good portion of dxting guy friends you've already friennds if she wifh to, instead she's dating you. She's dating you because of all the options she's got you're the one vriends wanted most.

Remember that. You are the catch, datinb them. You are absolutely right to not change your behaviour towards your friends and your boyfriend should accept that!

But as someone who was on the other end of a relationship like that I'd like ask you to consider letting your friends datiny a little differently. It is much more convenient to tell them you are not interested in them sexually and romantically because if that's the case you tell them, they are no direct threat to your relationship.

A lot jelousy influenced minds translate this to: "The circumstances aren't right". It is a whole other deal than "I'm not into you". Not only your friend but also your boyfriend gets a completely different message.

Having a partner that is surrounded with potential threats to the relationship is hard! Help him to not see them as that. This is good advice. I didn't fully flesh out the letting down guy friends softly thing, but dating girl with lots of guy friends is very important to stress you are not interested in them in that way as well. Not to mention theme, expat dating south korea can OP fucks this up by being hyper-sensitive and jealous she has plenty of back-ups.

So don't be hyper-sensitive and jealous OP. Just go with the flow, don't think too much. Out of all those men, she chose you, that means something, cheerio. I am a girl with a lot of male friends. I have female friends too but when I was young, the relationships I came into really easily were click here men boys eating the time.

We're all still close, still friends, 20 years later. My best advice, is don't overthink dqting. I imagine she doesn't so you shouldn't either. Never ever overthink things that others don't. They're still assessing the situation- female friends would do this too.

DOn't get too caught up in the gender. I'm friends with tons dating girl with lots of guy friends girls. Most I haven't slept with, those I have, it was never in a relationship. Some of those girls are girls who hang out with lots of guys, of which I am one.

They don't sleep with them at a rate any greater than normal. Basically, no need to worry. Friends are friends. In my experience, they're actually LESS likely to sleep with any of them because risk of ruining friendship. This is a bloody blessing, really. You get a whole bunch of new bros, AND she gets advice on guys who know guys. All the guy friends are dicks in glass cases, ready to break in an emergency.

They are all there in case she wants to hookup. She doesn't oots it like that maybe, stay cool if you really like her but if she's not willing to tone it rating a bit over time I would jump out. Been there with girls like this. There is daitng major difference between those two types of women, one is about having non-catty friendships while the other just likes attention. I'm confused as to what you're saying Because I would tend to wirh if woth girl said "girls are nothing but drama" that's why she prefers to be friends with guys because they are usually a lot aith chill?

I'm a girl who has a lot of guy friends, primarily because I DO feel girls create too much drama, and guys are easier to be around. I'm pretty selective in the guys I date, and I've only dated two of my male friends a long time ago. So while I agree with you that a girl who has a lot of male friends might either just like the attention or likes to have non-catty friendships, I'm confused about the first part of your reply and which matches what type.

The point of what I am bringing up is not to say that a girl with a lot of guy friends affinity login dating doing it to avoid drama.

It is the girls who outwardly express it as if they do not cause drama. We typically project our own problems on other people. If someone talks about how much they hate people who are in shape because that's all they talk about, it's probably because they wish they had the will power to get into the gym.

When a girl talks about how much drama other girls are, fo is typically because they are the crazy ones causing all the problems. Ever meet a guy who always talks about how many girls he hooks up with, yet you never see him with one?

Same concept. When a girl tells me she gurl tons of male friends, I think of that one meme, when she and I get into an argument and she seeks advice from one lota her male friends Does she have any girl friends? A girl surrounded by guys is usually a red dating girl with lots of guy friends.

Careful, OP. Don't get all pushy but when girls keep a lot of guys around, something is bound to happen. Just saying.

This girl could be different, I in no way am saying that datimg possible but most likely this isn't going to end well. We shall see. Nothing wrong with women being friends with ,ots. The key to dating girl with lots of guy friends healthy relationship is trust. I have a tonne of guy friends gir use to have guy roommatesand they are just that - friends, not a person the men I date need to be jealous of. If datng want to be with her, you need to trust her.

Just as she needs to trust you. If nothing logs happened with her guys friends up until this point, nothing ever will. If something has happened with them, there's wlth reason they're not together any more and just friends. You friendss just in the initial friends stage now. Don't push anything. If she is the faithful type she will be exclusive to you when the relationship progresses.

For now don't push anything and just be click here friend. Nothing else. She just might be a hotbed of std infestations.